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14 August 2019

7 Types of Anniversary Cakes To Make Your Day Memorable

Who is the showstopper of a wedding anniversary celebration? No, it is not the couple that you are thinking about, instead, it is the cake that steals the thunder of that couple effortlessly. Cakes and anniversary go hand in hand since the past few decades. The fashion of enlighting any occasion with cake has been deeply rooted in the different culture worldwide. Moreover, the anniversary is the occasion that celebrates and appreciates the milestone covered by the couple with an ever-growing love, understanding, and care for each other. So, having a gorgeous as well as a lip-smacking cake for the occasion becomes all the more important. Order cakes online if you are searching for a cake that is not just beauty, but also tastes nothing less than heaven.

Well, now the celebration of the occasion depends upon the couple. Whether they want to celebrate it with their friends and family or they want to celebrate it with each other. Whatever may be their preference, the cake is the only thing that has to be paid utmost importance in both the cases. The day should be memorable enough that when you look back after a few years, you should not stop smiling thinking about the day. However, choosing an anniversary cake is nothing, but a mind-wrenching task. So, for all those couples who are looking for a cake that fulfills all their expectations, here are some cakes that provide exactly what you asked for!

Let’s begin:

1. Strawberry Cake from Scratch:
Do I need to even say anything about this cake? It already has won our hearts woth that strawberry written in its name. A strawberry cake is truly the god’s blessing. Who would want to scratch their heads when they already have strawberry cake as their first priority? Moreover, this cake has everything, the perfect amount of strawberries and the natural essence of its own, the cake does not call for any artificial ingredients.

2. Banana Cake with Buttercream Frosting:
The name of this cake only has pleased ears of many. A cake with health properties with an unbeatable and addictive taste is everything one could ever ask for. Also, this cake not only comes with banana layers but also is accompanied by Italian frosting and filling made of butter frosting. Hey, wait! There is more. This cake is topped with salted caramel. Are not you drooling over this delicacy already?

3. Red Velvet Cake:
The first thought to cross your mind on hearing this cake’s name is the buttery, creamy, and gooey texture of this cake that makes it even more irresistible. Moreover, if you want to make the anniversary romantic and filled with love then, red velvet cake what you need to order online in Mumbai to justify your every expectation for the cake. The rich red color of the cake itself is the symbol of the deep love growing between the couple.

4. Coffee Layer Cake: So, if you and your partner are already crazy about coffee and never miss a chance to try anything that has a minute element of coffee in it, believe me, this cake is just apt for you. Enjoying your anniversary treat with your favorite flavor is the dream of every couple, so, do not waste time by considering other flavors of the cake and just go for this cake.

5. Watermelon inspired Cake:
What a combination of sweet and fun this cake is. The layers of the cake covered with vanilla frosting and is garnished with fruity buttercream frosting.

6. Chocolate Cake:
Well, most of us have given our hearts to this cake the very first time we saw it. And why should we? The cake deserves to be loved. It has a rich and dense flavor of cake which does not fail to give us adrenaline rush anytime and anywhere. The best part about this cake and why should we consider it for anniversary cake is that this cake is loved by all, irrespective of the age. Be it a teenager or our elders, this cake can make anybody drool over it effortlessly.

7. White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake:
It is just next to impossible to stop yourself when you are around the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. Well, chocolates and raspberries were not enough to impress us already that it also blesses us with fresh heavy whipped cream. Having this cake as your anniversary cake is a total win-win idea.
Also, in this era of digitalization, why leave your cozy pajamas and sofa? When you can actually look for online cake delivery services. There are ample of them providing satisfying services to their customers. Choose your favorite cake and keep trying a variety of cakes sitting back at home because life is too short to diet.

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