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14 January 2020

10 Effective Apps To Limit Screen Time Addictions

Like every two out of Ten, even you are hooked to screen addictions? Do you wish to overcome your addiction by applying screen time control effectively?

Then this article can help you change your habits profoundly!

As kids mirror their parents, your addiction will reflect in their habits too! And then you should not complain about how your kids are all the time glued to their devices!

Additionally, this habit will come with tonnes of other side effects that will eventually cripple your productivity!

10 Effective Apps To Limit Screen Time Addictions

Bit Guardian Parental Control

It earns its first rank by its dedicated parental control features. This app is outstanding for traditional child monitoring tools.
  • Parents can set daily time limits for various apps on kid's device. (Choose from multiple categories such as games, social media, education, etc.)
  • Limit late-night screen time addictions of your kids by bedtime feature
  • The app time limit feature of this android parental control app allows you to select single or multiple apps to specify the number of hours for which your child is permitted to use those apps
  • Real-world safety features like SOS for an emergency, anti-theft and GPS locator
  • Geo-fencing, App Block and app install block features are perfect for safeguarding your kid
  • A comprehensive parental control app for android that completely restraints screen obsessions!

Net Nanny

Created initially to restrict app time usage, but later on, it advanced with other features and became one of the most useful screens time control app.
  • Get all advanced parental control features like screen time control, app block, time schedule, etc.
  • Net Nanny also provides effective internet filter
  • It allows remote access and control of the target device
  • Get detailed statistics and reports about your web usage, app usage, etc. and discard all the addictions

Screen Time

Exclusive screen time control app that allows no escape but to limit your app addictions!
  • Get a detailed view of your daily mobile usage
  • App daily usage will tell you how much time you spent on a particular app or platform
  • Get app daily, monthly and weekly usage
  • Get app and category limit that can instill strict screen time control

Teen Time 

Are you addicted to social media apps? You feel hooked to various video games and apps? This one is an exclusive app for a screen time limit.
  • A perfect solution to the overuse of the handheld device
  • The feature of daily schedule gives total control on Teen's app addiction
  • Geolocation tracking and SOS features are useful
  • Supports smartphones and tablets
  • You can connect all family devices by it


One of the best parental control apps and perfect for limiting screen time obsessions. Our pact gives user-friendly experience and ensures family safety.
  • Blocks apps and inappropriate content
  • Allows to block specific apps
  • It provides a geofencing feature with accurate location details
  • Get app list and know which apps your child is using frequently
  • Block text(messages), Block websites
  • New App alert can restrict excessive screen time by limiting its download


A unique app that serves to calm down your mobile phone usage, and curbs the app addictions effectively.
  • Setting time for various apps can be a daily dose of digital detox.
  • Lock all addictive apps with this screen time app for android
  • Receive notices on breach of set rules!
  • It can serve best as an adult's digital detox ally.
  • Probably the best option to curb binge-watching and surfing cravings.

Usage Time

Set the screen time limit and unlock total productivity, whether it's you or your child!
  • Receive daily, weekly and monthly data of the device usage
  • Know the total time spend on your device
  • Detailed reports on overall time usage such as- number of hours spent on the app, web search, social media, etc
  • Limit the addition of particular app by listing time limits of that app


Famiguard is the best parental control apps for android to end excessive screen time usage.
  • A parent can set the number of hours(amount of time) kids can spend on distracting apps and games.
  • The best app to lock the target phone
  • It enables you to block various apps and addictions.
  • Schedule screen time for target phone usage
  • Get other screen time tracker android app's features too, to secure your family's digital life


Get simple and user-friendly experience while controlling extensive device usages with this app
  • Know your level of addiction from the goal spots
  • See your time slip by at Clock Timer feature
  • See which apps you are using obsessively at Tap That App
  • Get detailed reminders of your device sessions and effectively stop your screen time limit
  • It ensures to be perfect phone addiction tracker and a platform to increase your productivity


They promise its users to ensure their digital wellbeing by proactively controlling device addictions.
  • Get daily usage statistics
  • Understand your digital habits by its detailed reports
  • Instant reminders and alarms for overuse
  • Battery and user-friendly.
  • Get Categorised screen time for various apps.
You should try one of the best apps for screen time first for yourself. Try to use it religiously for a month and notice the changes you may receive in your life

Then apply it on your kid's device to limit his device obsessions.

Wrapping It Up!

Extensive device usage may cause poor postures, weak eyesight, sedentary lifestyle, stress, insomnia, and many more physical, mental issues.

Do you want these to happen to your child? All parents want nothing less than the best for their child.

Choose to be your kid's ideal parent by forming productive habits. Use parental control apps that, by default, provide screen time control features.

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