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19 August 2019

How to Easily Install and Simply Configure QuickBooks ODBC Driver?

QuickBooks gives many rich functions to its users. One such function is that it facilitates the exchange of data between one of a kind packages. 

For this reason, QuickBooks makes use of QuickBooks ODBC. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)is a standard application that has been advanced to enable conversation among different programs so we can easily trade facts with each different. 

As a QuickBooks person, you could, through the usage of Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), do a number of factors. As an example, you're capable of creating spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel, you could make tables in Microsoft get entry to, and you may create reports reflecting your actual-time QB information in Crystal reports. 

Through utilizing the QODBC driver, you can use third-celebration programs to have administrator access to QB statistics. The 0.33-birthday celebration programs that can be used are Microsoft Excel, Crystal reviews, Microsoft get right of entry to, and so on. 

You could installation QuickBooks ODBC drivers for QuickBooks organization solutions, QuickBooks seasoned, and QuickBooks most appropriate. 

For QuickBooks company solutions, Intuit and FLEX quarters provide a free of value read-best QODBC driver. This records allows the sharing of statistics among QuickBooks accounting software program and other programs. If the database connectivity id not done by you and you face any difficulties with them you can easily take QuickBooks help from our QuickBooks ProAdvisor. FLEX quarters is a member of the Intuit Developer community. 
For QuickBooks pro or most useful, you have to buy and download the motive force from QODBC website of the FLEX quarters. For the first 30 days, you can use the driver without spending a dime.

How to Deploy QuickBooks ODBC Driving Force? 

You have to follow those steps to put in QuickBooks ODBC motive force in QuickBooks corporation solutions – 
  • Navigate to the file menu in QuickBooks corporation answers. 
  • Then, visit Utilities. 
  • Under the Utilities, search for Setup ODBC. 
  • Now, you need to download and deploy the QODBC driving force. 
  • Visit the QODBC driving force download page at the QODBC internet site of the FLEX quarters. 
  • When brought about, save the self-extracting executable report with the name: QODBC.Exe in a transient directory or in the My documents folder, with a view to extract the set up documents. 
  • Before, walking the QuickBooks ODBC driver installer, sell off the MS workplace toolbar from memory and from some other windows programs. That is due to the fact this toolbar can impair the driving force’s installation. 
  • From inside windows, click install software. 
  • Now, you have to pick the destination listing in which you need to put in the QODBC guide documents. 
  • Click on on the adequate button to keep. 
  • This could installation the driver. 

How to Configure QuickBooks ODBC driving force? 

Observe those steps to configure QuickBooks ODBC motive force – 
  • First of all, click on ODBC Setup display screen icon. 
  • QuickBooks ODBC / QODBC motive force Setup display will seem. 
  • Click on the overall tab. 
  • Below this tab, you will discover the ODBC statistics source setup. You may pick out the organisation record you want to study from. You have got to deliver the device information source name you may use to externally connect to QuickBooks. Then, you need to pick a style to inform QODBC the way it need to open each enterprise file. Click test Connection to QuickBooks button to check if installation and settings are right with QuickBooks and a business enterprise document opened. 
  • Now, click at the Messages tab. 
  • Under this tab, you can overview or clear QODBC messages. You may also evaluate SDK messages. Use element Tracing if you need to create trace log. Ensure element Tracing is off when not needed as hint log can devour large amounts of disk space. Underneath this tab, you will also locate popularity panels to notify you whilst the motive force is accessing QuickBooks records. 
  • Now, click at the Optimizer tab. Optimizer works by using storing a few facts to a local cache in order that retrieval overall performance for queries gets elevated. This tab lets you to pick the location wherein the optimizations are stored. It offers you alternatives to keep your optimized information updated. You will see 3 options for balances and stock portions – nulls, grimy reads and actual time. Now, click at the advanced tab in the QuickBooks ODBC Setup display screen. Develop capabilities are used to tweak a configuration. The defaults have to be okay for most customers. 
  • After the advanced tab, go to the spark off/Deactivate tab. Below this tab, you can click on the activate button to open the prompt window or Deactivate button to open the Deactivate button. 
  • Activation calls for you to enter a CD key. Press the acquisition button within the window, in case you do not have a CD key. Press the spark off button within the window to use the internet to routinely spark off this computer. Press the guide button, if you do not have internet get admission to. Deactivation also calls for a CD key. Press the Deactivate button within the Deactivate window to use the net to automatically deactivate the pc. Press the guide button in case you do now not have internet get admission to. You need to observe that deactivation takes 24 to forty eight hours to be credited to your CD key. 
  • Now, click on the remaining tab on the QuickBooks ODBC / QODBC motive force Setup screen. This tab is the about tab. Right here, you could see which QODBC version is currently installed and whether you have installed an evaluation copy or a copy that is fully registered. The serial range’s first letter tells what kind of license is established, the QODBC model may be known by way of the 0.33 digit and the fourth tells with which QB version (US – america, CA – Canada, united kingdom – united kingdom, AU – Australia) the license is like minded with. 
  • The serial wide variety given under the approximately tab is critical as it is able to be wanted for upgrading, looking for rebate offers, availing technical set up assist or for the help desk machine. For checking whether you are using the modern QuickBooks ODBC / QODBC driver, click take a look at internet site for Updates inside the approximately tab. 


If you require any help in installing or configuring QuickBooks ODBC driving force, you can name us at our QuickBooks support team. We offer complete and instant answers for all forms of problems and mistakes concerning QuickBooks.

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