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10 September 2019

Top Specifications of Gravity Convection Ovens

The gravity convection ovens are specially designed to handle lightweight materials such as powders, fabrics, films and regular materials, etc.

These gravity convection ovens do not have fan or blowers fitted inside the chamber, as these of materials require natural airflow.

Specifications are as follows:

➡ Temperature Range - It has an ambient range of +5 to 250º C.

➡ Temperature Accuracy - It provides accuracy with a variation of +/- 2º C.

➡ Temperature Uniformity - It maintains uniformity in temperature and allows variation of only +/- 1º C.

➡ Controls - It uses a Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller, which is an instrument used for regulating temperature, flow, pressure, speed, and other process variables.

➡ Temperature Display - It has LED Display screen.

➡ Sensor - It uses Pt 100 sensor, which is the platinum resistance thermometer, where Pt refers to the material of sensor i.e., Platinum and 100 refers to the resistance at 0º C is 100 ohms.

➡ Heating Element - Heating element supports either Nichrome Wire or Kanthal A1 wire (which is made up of 70% Iron, 20-30% Chromium and 4-7% Aluminium) is used.

➡ Safety Device - Over temperature protection and Electric leakage breaker are also there, to protect the equipment from getting overheated and from current leakages to the body, respectively.

➡ Chamber MOC - Exterior part of the chamber is coated with MS powder to give it a plastic finish and in addition to that, it’s relatively better for the environment. And on its Interior part, 304 stainless steel is used.

➡ Insulation - It has Mineral wool insulation, which is unique and highly versatile and is made of molten glass, stone or industrial waste (slag). It creates a combination of properties which is unmatchable and cannot be competed with, as far as insulation is concerned.

➡ Doors - The doors are of the solid type which comes with silicone rubber gasket & lock as well.

➡ Shelves - Shelves are also there, which are Nickel-chrome plated. Generally, there are 2-3 shelves that can be detached as and when required.

➡ Optional Accessories - Additional features such as Dot matrix printer interface can be added, Temperature chart recorder can be installed, PLC Controller, Stainless steel outer cabinet, Audio/Visual alarm, IQ, OQ, PQ, and DQ documentation can be done, Heating thermostat, NABL Certification for Authencity can be gained, Thermometer and Stand or wheeled trolleys.

➡ Power Supply - It operates on 220 Volts and 50 Hz frequency.

The person can look out for some of these features that can come handy along-with the specifications mentioned above so that equipment can become a better installation product for the betterment of the laboratory.

While looking out for the specifications one can go for these features, like ideal for power testing, intake/exhaust vents, double-wall insulation, and rugged construction, which enhances the capacity of the equipment for better results.

If you buy this product from Global Lab Supply, then along-with the specifications you can get all of these features in the equipment at a pocket-friendly price, for the up-gradation of the laboratory

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