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1 November 2019

5 Useful Kitchen Gadgets Innovation You Should Keep In Your Kitchen

Dreamfarm’s Ortwo Grind

In every kitchen, there is a grinder that lets you grind cooking ingredients to make more delicious dishes Ortwo grind from the trim farm a compact grinder for your kitchen. It’s the world’s first pepper mill to combine the convenience of one-handed spice grinding machine with the extra speed ease and an unmatched output of two grinders. It comes with a borosilicate glass that has a 50-milliliter storage space where you can grind more items on a single goal thus making your grinding experience more efficient than ever. Its equipped with a 95% Alumina Ceramic Grinder Blade which will not corrode or rust and is sharp enough to grind all spices instantly. The archers chrome-plated die-cast zinc body enhances its reliability and ensures its longevity. It also comes with multi-grip handles which provides superior grip while grinding. If you are looking for a unique grinder that makes your kitchen work more efficient then the Dreamfarm’s are to grind is the right choice for you.

OXO Punctual Egg Timer with Piercer

Getting eggs boiled according to our taste is an everyday hassle in every kitchen punctual egg timer from OXO which provides your perfect hard-boiled eggs every time. It comes with seven doneness settings from soft to hard-boiled that you can use to set the right amount of boiling time. To get perfectly boiled eggs according to your need it lets you choose from four exercises so that you can cook your favorite dishes with precision. The punctual egg timer comes with five LED indicators and a start and stops button that lets you precisely monitor your eggs boiling time stop the timer whenever it is needed. It has built-in piercer which you can use on the wide end of the egg which prevents cracking and makes peeling easier. If you are looking for an egg boil timer for your kitchen which can help you get perfectly boiled eggs every time then the odds are punctual egg timer piercer is the right choice for you.

Nutri Fit Bamboo Cutting Board

Every regular kitchen has a cutting board where you can cut ingredients and prepare them for cooking but what if they could do more the Nutri Fit cutting board a three in one cutting board that can enhance your kitchen experience. It features a bamboo cutting board which offers ample space for chopping slicing and displaying food. After your shopping is done you can easily wash it with water it comes with a kitchen scale under the cutting board which delivers precise reading grams or ounces and has a capacity of up to 11 pounds. This board comes with a stainless steel tray that lets you conveniently move chopped items from the cutting board for cooking. The Nutri Fit Bamboo cutting board is an ideal choice for those who want to ensure enough items for their optimum cooking experience.

MILLO Portable Blender

A smoothie maker is an essential device in any kitchen that lets us enjoy a healthy smoothie and helps us to stay healthy MILLO a smart and portable blender built to make your smoothie making the experience convenient. It comes with an advanced brushless magnetic engine that makes three times less noise while providing great blending power. The MILLO has a 360-degree touch-sensitive surface so that you can activate it easily with just a touch and swipe to control. It is equipped with smart blending technology which lets it recognize what you are blending and chooses the right amount of power and knows when to stop. This blender has a built-in Bluetooth connection that lets you connect it with their smartphone and control it remotely while you are watching movies on Movie Hustle. It comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery that provides enough power up to 10 smoothies continuously. If you are looking for a portable and powerful blender for your kitchen then MILLO portable blender is the right choice for you.

Hamilton Beach Personal Oatmeal Maker

No kitchen is complete without a rice cooker which lets you cook rice for your family within seconds the Hamilton Oatmeal and rice maker cooker a portable rice cooker that lets it cook rice conveniently. It comes with a nonstick cooking pot that lets it cook up to three cups of rice easily and ensures they don’t stick to the pot while cooking. It comes with pre-programmed settings that let you conveniently cook regular and still cut oatmeal. You can also cook multiple dishes in this cooker. This cooker comes with an auto-shutoff feature which allows it to detect when your rice is properly cooked and shuts down automatically to prevent overcooking. It's cooking pot is dishwasher safe so that you can easily clean it in the dishwasher while its portable size allows it to use it anywhere easily. If you are looking for compact and powerful rice and oatmeal cooker for your kitchen then the Hamilton Oatmeal and rice cooker is the right choice for you.

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