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9 November 2019

7 Ways to Craft an Exclusive Exhibition Stand Design

Several tradeshows and exhibitions are held every year all over the world, giving business owners a common platform to introduce and promote their products and services to their target audience.

Exhibitions and tradeshows are wonderful opportunities for all types of business owners to interact directly with their consumers, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, investors and other service providers.

However, exhibitions are more than mere direct interaction with the help of exhibition stand ideas UK. Thousands of people may attend exhibitions and still may not be able to communicate with every participant.

Moreover, you may get only about eight seconds to draw the attention of your audience. Therefore, there are certainly other elements that you need to use at tradeshows and exhibitions, such as exhibition stand designs to help you promote your business and attract audiences to your products and services.

How to Plan Exhibition Designs?

The design exhibition stand is the first and foremost thing you need to consider prior to setting up your exhibition stand at the trade show. This is the most important and the only element that will attract potential customers.

Most businesses at exhibitions are let down by poor display boards. What may look good on screen or paper may not be the same in reality.

Therefore, you need to make sure that all your displays are tried and tested in actual settings before finalizing the ideas.

Here are four important factors to consider while planning exhibition designs:

• A location such as outdoor or indoor exhibition

• Space

• Lighting

• Your target audience

Important Features of a Good Display Stand:

Well, designed boards can actually become powerful resources to get your audience interacting with you instantly.

Apart from this, displays can also turn out to be effective tools for advertising if you strategically place them across the entire location.

Creative ideas for exhibition stands should have the following features:

• You should make full use of your company logo.

• We should make use of various technologies to make all information on the display attractive and legible.

• Exhibitions are generally noisy, using appropriate visuals and photographs will help you get your message across easily.

• Should make use of the right colors.

• Should be able to create an effective balance with appropriate lighting.

Advantages of Exhibition Stands:

A well-designed display stand can not only help you achieve the goals and objectives of participating in an exhibition, but it can also prove to be quite beneficial in the long run.

Some of the advantages of display boards are:

• They are versatile and flexible.

• They can be reconfigured.

• They can be custom designed.

• They are lightweight and easily movable.

• They are capable of making a good visual impact.

• They have a long lifespan.

• They require minimum storage space.

• They are priced reasonably.

Gives your stand artistic look

It doesn't mean you have to make your stand look like a rainbow with an artistic design! Actually, it is the smart (and balanced) use of colors, lighting, and props that will give your stand a chic look.

It can just as easily go wrong which is why hiring professional exhibition stand designers is a better way to give form to your ideas is the risk with trying to go the artsy route.

Choose the best colors

The most powerful visual element is that of colors, and colors can go a long way in jazzing up your booth; use mostly bright colors, but don't confuse 'bright' with 'loud'.

Add some imagery

Make a splash with posters, pictures, and paintings and play up the imagery element. For making a style statement, it is definitely a cost-effective way.

Use a theme and add artwork to your small stand design keeping the theme in mind: for a pop theme you could go for bold images in bright colors, for a delicate theme you could use pastel colors, lacy patterns and small prints and for a sophisticated theme you could balance strong artwork with striking combinations of red, black, white and grey and so on.

Make some modern additions

You can use audiovisual devices to add a modern element to your display, depending on the nature of your exhibition stand.

However, you will have to make sure that the display does not deviate from or lose association with your brand or product.

For example, using too much red for environmentally-oriented products may not be a wise idea; the creative use of the color green, on the other hand, will be both artsy and appropriate.

While the use of graphics, colors, and visual imagery certainly creates a very strong impression, it is important not to go overboard.

If the artwork is too intense it may completely overshadow your product or even scare visitors away, as the art displays are supposed to attract people to your product or brand.

A good day at the exhibition can mean lifelong returns for the business, so, don't compromise on setting up your display or even hiring exhibition stand contractors to get your job done in a timely and professional manner. There's no sense in designing a unique stand if you don't do all you can to optimize it.

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