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28 November 2019

Microwave Works Perfectly After the Efficient Repair

The microwaves have made our life a lot earlier when it comes to saving the time of cooking. Microwaves could be called a great invention of science because of its usefulness in our homes.

Every bakery needs a microwave to bake cakes, pastries, cupcakes, cookies, bread, and a lot more bakery items. This is also one of the essential home appliances. Do you want a Cake? Yes, Bake in Microwave. Do you want grilled meat? Yes, Grill in Microwave. Do you are running late and want some quick food? Buy frozen food and heat up in seconds using the microwave. So much usefulness in just a single appliance.

When we use microwaves so much in our everyday life, we also need to give some cleaning and care to them periodically. If we use them over the limit, use them roughly, it's possible that they will break down soon. Sometimes it would be burnt by overheating, sometimes the control panel would burn out due to constant use of touch panel.

We all get confused when microwave breaks down or not working. We find ourselves unable to figure out what to do. Shall we replace it and buy a new one or shall we get it repaired? We think microwave repair is more costly than it should be. This is true in some rare cases.

When deciding about repair or replacement, we should first find out what will it be worth to get it repaired? Will it work properly? So many questions we have but still, we don't find satisfying answers.

How to find out if our repaired microwave oven would work like original?

There could be many answers based on various theories or theoretical assumptions. Somewhere you will hear that microwaves are better replaced than a repair, somewhere you will hear that repaired microwave doesn't even look like it's repaired. Well, both are true but, in their situations. Mostly a repaired microwave is better than just buying a new every time it breaks down.

To understand why a repaired microwave oven works perfectly, we will have to understand how a microwave oven actually works.

How does a microwave oven work?

Like its name says, microwave ovens work with microwaves. Stuffed between radio waves and infrared waves, they hit the food and walls inside the container. These microwaves are reflected by walls and they enter the food, that's why you would notice that your food heats from inside rather than from outside. Unlike conventional ovens, in microwave ovens, the crust is not formed on food because inside the microwave oven, the temperature is balanced with room temperature.

How microwave will work perfectly after repair?

Now that we have understood how a microwave works, let's find out how our microwave will work perfectly after repair.
  • Microwave ovens have high resistance: Microwave has a high capacity to bear any fault. Mostly when a problem occurs, it makes the fuse blow so that other components are safe. The work of fuse is to maintain voltage and electricity flow in the main panel. So if you replace a fuse in a microwave, it wouldn't affect your oven unless if a similar fuse is not used.
  • Touch panel: Microwave touch panels are just like a touchpad controller, who controls all the operations. That's why it is also known as the control panel. If the control panel is faulty, you can't fully repair it. Even if you repair, it would only last a few days or months. That's why it's better to replace it completely with a similar and good quality control panel. When you hire a professional for microwave repair, they would use the best replacement available.
  • Magnetron: The most important part of the microwave is Magnetron, which generates the microwaves and heats up your food. This needs to be replaced exactly with the same type of magnetron if you want your microwave to work perfectly. Because different frequencies of magnetron would affect your food heating time and taste also.
  • Microwaves have long-lasting capabilities: Microwaves are made of a strong body. If we get our microwave repaired, there's a high chance that it would double the lifespan of microwave oven saving you money which you'd have spent buying a new microwave. Unlike other appliances, microwaves have only one particular task of heating, which makes it efficient and last longer.
Bottom Line

After understanding how a microwave works. We could easily find out what would be the effect of different component repairs and replacement. A microwave has a life span of 4-6 Years normally, but a simple repair could extend its life by two of three years. Microwave repair seems better than just replacing it with a new one whenever they break down.

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