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25 November 2019

Seven Car Rental Tips for Everyone

If you are lucky enough possessing a good driving record and a valid driving license or an international driving license, then you will be eligible to lease a vehicle almost everywhere across the globe. Perhaps, you find renting simple, in reality, it is not. In order to take the maximum benefits of this useful service, which is now commonly available everywhere, even in small towns and cities, you should know a bunch of important things.

Below I am discussing a few simple tips that will help you to avoid losing money, time and peace of mind.

Consider understanding different models

However, you do not go to drive the leased automobile forever, understanding different models are necessary. Every model is different from each other in terms of offering comfort and capacity. On the basis of their capacity and features, they can be grouped into compact, mid-size, and luxury. Review the fleet of different service providers even before contacting them to pick the one, which is fulfilling your needs.

Don’t assume an agency is best

As soon as you step out to search and find a suitable firm to book an automobile for your next trip, you may find glitzy ads in newspapers and online forums. In order to gain business, most of them spend a significant amount to market their brand. Beware here and don’t assume a single company best who has published a huge banner ad in leading forum. It is always possible to get the best services with a company who have not enough funds for marketing. Rather pay attention to customer reviews and the manner they respond to your call and email enquiries.

Standard transition is not so common

Whether you are standing at the counter of an expensive rental or you are at the office of cheap car rental in Doha, keep this fact in mind that automobiles with manual operations, is hard to find. As most of the automobiles now comes with automatic transition. Instead of asking them to provide a vehicle with manual function, check air conditioning and toddler seat. If you are traveling with your kids.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an international driving license

It is more than good if you have an international driving license. But if you don’t possess the one, then don’t limit yourself to avail of this facility. Most of the countries allow foreigners to drive a car in their territory, as long as they possess a valid national driving license, passport and id card. Most importantly, they are at the right age to rent. In case you are not fulfilling the age requirements, a few of the vendors might give you the service against hefty charges.

Leasing should not be expensive

The idea behind leasing cars is to save time and money, which you will be spending on public transport and expensive taxis. Don’t make a mistake of selecting the first vendor you will encounter without comparing the prices with others. Spend some time to research and find the service at reasonable prices. You can even avail discounted rates if you book in an advance before arrival. Almost every company offers discounts as soon as they have more vehicles to offer to their clients.

Learn to shop at bargain prices

In addition to finding the best deal, if you are booking a trip with a travel agent, openly ask them, if they have any packages in which they are offering auto rental services at nominal prices along with airfare and lodging facilities. Keep searching and communicating with them if you want to bargain on service charges, even before packing up your luggage. As it is a time-consuming activity, which needs patience as well.

Don’t make you fool with auto insurance offered by service provider

Although, you can’t take the risk of driving a leased auto without insurance. This does not mean you should buy a collision damage waiver insurance from the vendor. This can be very expensive to purchase an insurance policy for the wheeler, which you will be only driving for a few days. All you need to do is to check your own auto insurance policy, you may have already purchased for your own vehicle. Most of the time this provides complete coverage to their clients. Whether they are driving their personal or a leased car.

Summary: Car rentals is a very beneficial service; however, you should use this service sensibly to maximize the benefits without breaking your budget.

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