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7 November 2019

Yoga to Release Tension and Build Strength


Tension in the muscles, and mind? Can you imagine living life with the same? Yoga therapy is wonderfully designed to provide both support and a wide range of benefits not just to a human body, but mind and soul. If you are looking to enjoy the best life and unique heritage, it is important to develop and maintain the structural integrity and flexibility of the body with the regular practice of yoga.

Why yoga and not other workout plans? Well, yoga has been proven to offer numerous range of physical and mental health benefits, which one should definitely try. It is not so rigorous kind of workout plan, but a gentle, low-impact exercise, helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles, best for all ages and eliminate the risk of almost all sorts of health issues we are seeing around. With the regular practice of the same one can become more flexible and supple and at the same time very effective for high blood pressure patients, and reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga has lots of amazing poses for different body areas and focuses largely on breathing, encouraging people to be mindful and aware of the body. Yoga Teacher Training in India is a great way to learn more about yoga and meditation.

Yoga to make you strong

Yoga’s prime purpose is to make you strong not just from the outside, but inside and ensure to give the best life ahead which will be healthy, free of negative thoughts and full of happiness. If you expect to have a tighter core, toned body, and solid arms try yoga as not only it can make you more flexible and reduce stress, it can also make your body strong. Learn proper yoga by joining the classes and at the same time know more about the best yoga poses via free videos and you can build and tone muscles throughout the body, and calm down your mind with home yoga.

How breathing is important in yoga?

Well, yoga is all about breathing and it helps in focusing on your breath and physical movement so that one’s mind is able to relax and allow the body to release all pain and any tension it is holding. Yoga encourages people to focus completely on their body and breath, so that the mind is not distracted from external thoughts, and allows you to control your emotions. Stretching and elongating muscles are the key elements of yoga, hence if you find your muscles are tight and inflexible due to sedentary lifestyles, YOGA is a must. Stretching is necessary for the body for getting more flexibility, perform work without any dependency and helping to reduce injury, pain, and discomfort.

Have a tight schedule? Just spare 10-30 minutes every day or two for yoga can work wonders in helping to reduce anxiety, encourage you to practice more for more benefits and help you relax while providing your body everything which it needs.

The yoga poses

There are lots of amazing yoga poses one should definitely try for more flexibility, power up your core, improve balance, and for strong arms. Here are some-

Plank Pose, which is called a very common exercise, but beneficial help in building strength in the core, shoulders, arms, and legs. To perform the same be mindful and focus on your breath.

Warrior 2 Pose makes you feel very strong as you need to get down into your hips and ground through your feet in this standing pose. It is best for the lower part of the body and offers great support to have a perfect balance.

Crow Pose helps if you are looking for strong arms, which is also called as an empowering pose that makes you feel as you are flying. It will build up great strength in the arms, shoulders, and abs.

So, what are you waiting for? It is a high time to roll out your yoga mat and join a yoga TTC course today!

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