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24 December 2019

Common Boiler Problems and Their Effective Solutions

Boilers are known to throw tantrums from time to time. People are left with no better option other than calling qualified plumbers or Gas Safe engineers on facing such situations. Skilled boiler mechanics in London suggest you should try out certain tips before calling a professional. They even share the necessary tips to get you going:
  • Check the electricity connection – If the boiler light is on, the electricity connection is alright.
  • Check the gas – Boiler repair engineers in London suggest making sure that both the valve under the boiler and the meter valve are open. 
  • Pressure gauge – Ideally the pressure should range between 1.0 and 1.5. Try listening to any sound coming from the device.
  • Inspect the outdoor pipes – If the pipes are frozen, pour warm water until the pipes get rid of the ice.
If the tips discussed above do not yield results, you need professional help to solve the problem.

In the following paragraphs of the blog post let us discuss some frequently asked questions related to boilers that come from clients and homeowners.

The radiators are hot at the top but cold at the bottom. Why?

This is a common boiler problem and it occurs when air gets trapped at the top of the radiator. Here are the tips to solve the problem:
  • Make sure the radiators are cold when you try out this corrective procedure.
  • Take a tea towel and a vent key – this is available in every hardware store.
  • Set the boiler pressure around the 1.5 bar.
  • Apply the vent key after holding the tea towel near the vent.
  • If water comes out, your radiator is fine and all you have to do is shut the vent.
  • If air comes out, hold on till water starts coming out and then close the vent.
  • Go back to the boiler and set the pressure bar at 1.5 again.
  • Repeat the same activity for all the downstairs and upstairs radiators.
It is important to note, you should carry out this activity religiously once a year.

Water does not get sufficiently hot in winters. What is wrong with my boilers?

Water that passes through a boiler has a low average temperature in winters compared to that in summers. In summers this temperature is around 15 degrees while in winters it is hardly 6 degrees centigrade. Increase the temperature of hot water on the boiler in one hand, while on the other turn down the tap that controls hot water flow. You will see that water gets more time to get hot while passing through the boiler at a slower pace.

How do I save energy?

There are certainly a few things that you can do to save energy and the more energy you save, the more money you save too. Let us check out what are the things that you can do in this aspect:
  • Get a room stat fitted; your boiler will consume much less energy with this fitting.
  • Turn the stat down to 1-degree centigrade. If you are comfortable there is just no need to set it higher.
  • Do not turn on heating while you can easily beat the cold wearing a jumper or snuggling under a quilt.
  • Leave the loft well-insulated. Thus the heat will remain indoors longer instead of going outside.
  • Get reflective sheets fitted behind radiators so that the heat automatically bounces back into the room without heating up the other side of the walls.
  • Routine boiler servicing is of utmost help to reduce energy consumption of boilers. Boiler servicing also helps to detect faults at the initial stages and take necessary precautions on time.
  • Switch off the electricity circuit at the plug.
  • Request your energy supply-provider for quotes.
These tips discussed above come from qualified engineers associated with Emergency Plumbers London. We have an excellent track record in boiler-related services like:
  • New boiler installation
  • Old boiler replacement
  • Boiler servicing and maintenance
  • Boiler repairs

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