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19 January 2020

All About a Raglan (Baseball) Tee

If you are addicted to t-shirts, then you may know that t-shirts are available in both, online and offline stores in a variety of styles. Can you think of some of the unique t-shirt styles? Is not a polo shirt an attractive option? What about the ringer tees? Moreover, there are baseball tees that are also known by the name of raglan t-shirts. Although women also wear baseball tees, but baseball is a game that is, basically associated with men. So, men usually wear raglan tees. On the other hand, baseball t-shirts are also available in unisex versions, one example of such a t-shirt is Bella Canvas M24789.

How Do You Characterize a Raglan T-Shirt?

There is a particular way to characterize a raglan t-shirt. Baseball t-shirts are characterized by their sleeves. Sleeves of a raglan tee start from the sleeves and extend entirely to the collar in one piece. The seam of a raglan sleeve goes from underarm to the collar. How do you identify a baseball tee? The sleeves of baseball t-shirts have different color than the rest. Mostly, you will find the raglan t-shirt in a white color with the sleeves of that tee in either blue, black or red.

In What Colors Will You Find a Raglan Tee?

It is obvious that a raglan tee will be made up of two colors, one for sleeves and one for the rest of the shirt. Some of the popular color combinations for the raglan t-shirts include red & white, black & white, gray & black, gray & navy, black & pink, black & green, and so on.

Which Is the Opposite of a Baseball Tee?

Do you know: Which t-shirt differentiate itself from a raglan tee? It is a set-in sleeve tee. So: What is a set-in sleeve t-shirt? It is a t-shirt in which a sleeve joins to the body of a garment by a seam that starts at the edge of the shoulder and that continues around the armhole.

What Is a Raglan Sweater?

In addition to t-shirts, there are also raglan sweaters. Raglan sweaters are specially knitted in a single piece from top-down. There is no shoulder seam in a raglan sweater.

Fun Fact about a Raglan Tee:

The raglan t-shirt is named after Lord Raglan who lost his arm in the battle of Waterloo, and it was made to fit over the coat of first Baron Raglan.

Variation of Raglan Sleeves:

There are 6 different variations of raglan sleeves, as mentioned below:
  • Straight seam raglan
  • Semi-raglan
  • Raglan-yoke
  • Zero-raglan
  • Raglan gathered
  • Saddle

Association of a Raglan Tee with Fashion:

Today, raglan t-shirts also depict fashion, as they have become a fashion statement. These tees are popular in the sports (baseball); however, you will ignore the fashion industry if you do not count these tees as a fashion wear. Many fashion addicts prefer wearing a raglan t-shirt. 

Are not raglan t-shirts a versatile piece of clothing? You can find these tees in baseball, as well as fashion. Raglan tees are popular in some dominating colors, especially; these t-shirts are a combination of neutral colors in the chest part with different colors in the rest part of the t-shirt. Last but not least, you can buy these tees for a cost-effective price online.

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