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6 January 2020

How to Use the Best Credit Cards in India for Grocery Shopping?

Grocery retail in India covers approximately 60% of the total retail market in India, with average residents spending around 50% of their total income in this sector. Reports indicate that this industry would be valued at $700 billion by 2022, as it is one of the essential sectors operating in the country.

With rising valuation and the present economic scenario, prices of essential food prices have increased. To purchase such items at a discounted rate, individuals can opt for credit cards offering substantial discounts on each relevant purchase, allowing them to save immensely on food items throughout the year. You can go through the following steps to learn about how to get a credit card to enjoy such benefits.

How to get the best credit cards in India online?

Step 1 – Compare various credit cards available in the market which facilitate grocery shopping by analyzing the interest rates and reward point benefits.

Step 2 – Go to the website of the chosen financial institution to apply online.

Step 3 – Provide the necessary personal as well as contact details.

A representative from the stipulated card issuer will contact you shortly for the approval process, and guide you through the remaining steps regarding how to get a credit card.

After availing such a credit card, individuals start saving on their daily grocery shopping by making purchases through the card.

Tips to reduce your monthly bills through grocery shopping

  1. Earn reward points on every transaction or purchase related to groceries with the credit card. There are several things you can do with your credit card reward points, such as discounts, vouchers, reward points, extra reward points, etc.
  2. Enjoy substantial cash backs on the printed price of the product, effectively reducing expenses.
  3. Enjoy massive discounts on shopping from partnered retail outlets of the stipulated financial institution.
The primary advantage of such credit cards is that 50% more rewards are disbursed when the users make purchases or payments at stipulated stores or brands, online or offline.

Benefits of RBL credit card 

Cash withdrawal

Unlike most credit cards, individuals can withdraw cash from ATMs against zero interest charges, provided the same is repaid within 50 days. You can use this feature to meet any emergency fund requirements.


The total outstanding credit limit of individuals can be converted to an emergency loan through the RBL Bank Credit Card. No interest is levied on such funds and is only subjected to nominal processing charges. You can repay the advance in 3 installments within 90 days, beyond which interest is levied periodically.

Protection from cybercrime

Such a credit card comes with a zero fraud liability protection cover for better security against fraudulent transactions. Any user can be easily monitored through the official app offered by the card issuer.

Such advantages, coupled with discounts on grocery shopping, help individuals maximize their savings throughout the year. Several financial institutions have ties with e-commerce platforms selling groceries, making the purchase hassle-free as well. You can quickly get access to such benefits upon learning how to get a credit card and avail the same.

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