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22 January 2020

How to Identify Fraud Moving Companies & Get Rid of Them?

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Certainly, one of the most rising concerns is that fake moving companies have outnumbered in the market. This makes it difficult for a layman to identify them easily and they end up with an unpleasant experience in life. Not just this, moving scam is also ascending at its pace which leads to extortion of money or overbilling.

If you have plans to move to a different locality or city, you must be 100% sure that the source you have opted for is reliable and trustworthy. If you aren’t certain, then you must become. How? We will deliver all the necessary information so, that you can easily identify fraud moving companies and save yourself from moving scams too.

Do Fraud Moving Companies Look The Same As The Genuine Ones?

Absolutely! Moving companies that are fake look and act like professional packers and movers. But, what the customers do not know whether these companies are operating their so-called moving business according to the government’s rules and regulations. They might look genuine to you when you approach them, but who knows they have a plan to seize your goods!

People often recommend that checking out the moving companies reviews & ratings will help you gain transparency of the relocation service providers. Do you agree? What if we say that these reviews are fake too. Isn’t it disappointing?

Because reviews drive sales and are a part of brand marketing, product or service-based companies are willing to pay for effective marketing. It’s very unfortunate to say that monetary value has corrupted the review system.

Identifying fake moving reviews can help you judge them. Suspicion rises when you find most of the customers have given a 5-star rating. Can anyone be so perfect that each customer is absolutely satisfied with them? This is where you can catch rogue packers and movers. Do not trust a 5-star rating or extremly low rating about the moving company.

There are other ways to identify fake moving companies, thus read further to know-how.

Identify Fake Moving Companies Around You

Fake reviews are one of the common reasons a customer can get trapped. Similar or identical names of the moving companies can also make you certain of a reliable source, which is actually not.

Let’s understand it better through an example - we know Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd is a renowned brand and has been serving people with outstanding relocating services.

Still, there were many complaints filed against the company regarding missing goods, hostile goods, even damaged goods. Why? The reason was similar name moving companies.

However the names were similar or identical - Agarwal d2d Packers and Movers & more like them, which lead to confusion that others too are genuine so, expected brilliant services. But, expectations couldn’t stand firm and 42 complaints were registered in December 2015.

This translates the fact that fraud moving companies have sorted out really advanced ways to trick the innocent. They have leveled up and succeeded in fooling IT personnel, bank managers, advocates, public officers, and many more masterminds.

These advanced techniques veils the crooked credentials of the fake moving companies posing it difficult to judge their fake existence. But, there are always ways to catch them. Be it Packers and Movers in Mumbai or any other city, make sure you check these points when you hire them.

  • Professional or Unprofessional protocol - Any legitimate relocation service provider greets politely their every customer. Calling them, they would always start the conversation with their company’s name and your query for which you have called them. They would always welcome you to visit their office in order to comprehend better.

  • Proper Domestic or commercial survey - Insured moving companies make a house of office survey before moving. Meanwhile, in the survey, you can keep an eye on them and check their activities. They prepare an inventory of the entire articles that require shifting and offer you the price quotation inclusive of packing materials, labor, and distance. However, it could be negotiated to get the best deal.

  • Upfront, milestone or token money - Genuine packers and movers generally do not demand large deposits. Make sure whatever you give them, pay through check or online transactions to keep a record of the payment.

  • Clear or unclear contract - This is an important thing to notice. Read all the documents clearly, check if they have any hidden charges mentioned. Do not sign if any column is left blank or any point is unclear to you.

  • Certificate of authenticity - Savvy people know and approach only those who are licensed. Certificate such as IBA builds trust and assure the relocation will take place safely.

  • Lack of flexibility & packing materials - It’s never too late to ask your moving company to check for packing materials and supplies. Fraud moving companies do not care about the packing material quality and refuse to shift the dates of relocating.

  • Moving trucks rentals - Fake moving companies neither follows rules nor are certified, thus their vehicles wouldn’t have their brand name & logo on the trucks & tempos. Reliable ones also have GPS ingrained in their vehicles so that the customer can track their goods every minute.

  • Market value - Ask about the packers and movers in the local areas from where you are hiring them. Did they just open this business to extort money and run away from the place? How long have they been working here? Were their customers satisfied? Did they undergo quarrels with their customers over price or service?

Noting these factors about the relocation service provider that you want to hire will give a clear idea of their genuinity and the way they handle the relocation.

To conclude -
Never ever get carried away by offers from the moving company. A reliable source will always demand the price of quality service. Fraud moving companies try to lure people in order to get hold of money as well as precious goods.

Thus always have a written statement of every word they deliver about their service. You can also ask from friends and family who have already had great experiences in history, this will also give you genuine packers and movers.

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