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29 January 2020

Learn How Your Hotel Staff Can Raise Guest Engagement

Why Guest Engagement Is Necessary?
In this era, of competition everyone wants to be at the top, so, whether you are a big business tycoon or an entrepreneur you would always need a customer (guest) engagement. To grow at a larger scale you cannot back off of guest engagement. Say, you are an owner of a hotel so you would always need a guest engagement to grow and run your business for which you use numerous techniques so, this way of engaging ensures the guests that the hotel cares for them and their choices. To raise and engage many guests to travel portal comes handy. Still, there are many tips and tricks by which hotel staff can raise their guests’ engagement, which is as follows;

Learn Top 8 Tips to Know How Your Hotel Staff Can Raise Guest Engagement:
- Do Not Ignore Feedback From Customers:
If a guest is writing your feedback it means that the person has given you their valuable time. It does not matter if it is long or short. Feedback is feedback. At times, the feedback can be positive too not necessarily negative feedback is there all the time. When a guest writes your feedback so naturally the person waits for the reply and you must ignore that if you want to raise your guests’ engagement.

- Know Your Customers And Their Needs:
Customers’ needs and high guest engagement are directly proportional to each other. If one thing is at its lower pace automatically the second would also be. Also, it is a human’s behavior if the person is spending something they need the best in return and if you would not care about the needs and choices of your customers then why would they approach you? So, to engage a larger number of guests you must keep in mind that you may know your customer more.

- Create a Friendly-Looking Travel Portal:
One of the best steps to raise guest engagement of your hotel is to create the best yet friendly-looking travel portal. Because at times, a visual representation can do wonders which any other marketing tool would never do. Focus on your portal and make it attractive enough that helps the guest to communicate even better. Also, if the guests find it easy to book and if the portal is friendly then it is a possibility that more guests would approach you.

- Train Your Staff:
Your efforts would be of no use if you would not pay attention to the credibility and maintenance of your staff. Because your staffs are the first things that give an impression of your hotel and so if your staff would not know how to deal with guests, which is very inappropriate. A good hotel must know about its credibility and values, training staff is a trait of good hotel management.

Pro tip: take a few of the training sessions and tests of your staff that would increase the guests’ engagement.

- Create a Social Media Platform:
It is 2020, a new era, and it is the time of Social Media. Almost, everyone approaches social media first and then goes to anything further, so, to get a guest engagement of your desire number and for that this tip works the best. If there is a social media platform of your hotel you would get a larger audience. Also, if you may build a social media wall it would ensure the guest that you are approachable and easy to use.

- Keep Flexible Charges:
Honestly, it might sound outdated but flexible charges do attract a lot of guests. Let’s be realistic who would not want a package that is of lesser or reasonable rates. Try to engage a huge guest’s traffic by attracting them with different deals and packages. If you would care about the guests, they would approach you often.

Most of the hotel owners must be thinking that how would it be possible to keep the rates flexible always. Indeed, it is not possible, so, to still keep engaging your guests you can gift them anything complementary like gifts, or one-timed dine-in, and anything feasible.

- Keep Your Hotel Booking Engines Useful and Easy:At times, hotels’ dealers create the Hotel Booking Engines extravagant and very complicated to attract more users but it works on contrast and you end up getting fewer guests. Also, it is a common understanding of why would someone approach a site or a hotel that is complicated and not easy to access.

- Learn From Your Mistakes:
At last, the wrapping up of “learn how your hotel staff can raise guest management” is by learning from mistakes. Mistakes are the proof that you are doing well, and when you are learning from the mistakes it is proof that you are getting and when you would not repeat the same mistake your guests would adore it.

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