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13 January 2020

Platform App Builder vs Platform App Developer: What to Choose?

Platform App Builder Vs. Platform App Developer.png

Platform app builders have got a lot of traction in the last few years. However, is it a better choice for your business or not? Or you should consider developing an app from an experienced developer.

Rest Assured! As we have done deeper research on the same.

In this world of smartphones & the internet, having a website is beneficial for any business. But having a dedicated mobile app for your business is a plus point.

If you don’t have a mobile app for your business, then this is the right time to develop an app. However, choosing the best solution to develop a mobile app allow you to succeed in a high competition market.

To turn a website into an app you have two options: Platform App Builders & Platform App Developers. Here, we will provide the pros and cons of both so that you can make a wise decision.

Platform App Builder Pros

Quick to launch in the market

App Builder provides complete details regarding when the project will be over, this promises a quick launch to the market. If your goal is to launch any business without focusing much on the quality, then go for it.


While developing an app using an app builder you don’t have to worry about designing, development, & testing. Moreover, the mobile app developed using an app builder might cost 40-80% less as compared to a developer.

One-Way communication

A business owner who doesn’t know how to communicate well, might find it difficult to work with an app developer. Hence, you don’t have to communicate with any person when you choose an app builder.

Platform App Builder Cons

Comes with only basic features

If you want to the app just with some basic features, an app builder is good. But, if you want to develop an application that is unique and adds value to the life of users, then consider hiring a freelancer or working with a dedicated app development company.

Leaking of private information

When you choose to use the app builder, you are providing your details to a third party so there are chances of leaking of the confidential information.

Bound to a specific platform

Most probably, apps developed using a specific app builder are bound to the specific platform. Therefore, when you want to transfer your website to a different platform, you can’t just do it.

Limited Features

By choosing to develop an app using a builder, you will only get features that are already present on your website, you will not be able to integrate any extra features. However, if you convert it with the help of dedicated developers, it is a breach of the rules.

Evolving tools & technologies

Every day, new things are introduced in the software development field. Therefore, several app builder platforms might allow integrating new charges by charging some additional money. Hence, if you want to develop a successful app, you have to put a lot of time, effort, and spend a lot of money on resources.

Platform App Developer Pros

Highly-skilled & experienced

When you choose to work with a platform app developer, you are giving work to an expert who is familiar with all the ins and outs of developing an app. They will deliver the best work as per your requirements. Moreover, they will guide you during the entire development process.

High performance

When you choose to work with an app developer, they make sure that your app provides the best performance.

Better safety & security

A platform developer keeps all the security concerns in mind while developing a mobile application. They ensure to deliver highly secure and reliable app.


An app developer makes an app in such a way that he/she can integrate more features into the app with ease. 

Platform App Developer Cons

High Cost

The cost of developing an app from a platform developer is high as compared to an app developer. However, with this approach, you can develop an app that is unique, reliable & scalable which is worth its cost.

Now, we will provide you with some of the essential factors that you should consider before choosing an App Builder or an App Developer.
Factors to consider before developing a mobile app

When you turn a website into an app, you should keep in mind all the following factors:

Type of platform & framework

First & foremost, you should consider which platform you want to develop your application, Android or iOS or both.

Next, you select whether to go for a native or hybrid app development framework. Using the native app development framework, you can develop an app on a specific platform Android or iOS. Using a hybrid framework, you can develop an app on both the platforms, Android & iOS using a single code.

How much responsive it should be?

The performance of an app depends on the expertise of the developers & the technology stack used. Here, a custom app developer selects the best technology stack for your business, delivers the best output considering the latest technology trends. Hence, apps developed by a developer provide high performance as well as functionality.

App builders just follow one approach for all the type of apps which might be not suitable for your business.

Which design elements should be added?

App builders provide various templates, UI customizations and navigation styles. Even though they provide simple drag & drop features, the UI that custom app development provides is always better. The app builders come with limited functionalities.

Moreover, custom app development also provides a new & effective UI/UX design. During a UI/UX design, various elements that are present in the app will work properly or not is checked.

What resources are best for you?

App builders are great if you have a limited budget & resources. Here, you have to either go with a monthly or yearly subscription plan. Several app builders provide custom pricing options based on your features of the app.

There might also be some hidden charges present in some app builders that need you to have a developer account in the respective app stores.

When you consider custom app development, you have a highly effective option. A platform developer follows a step up step process which includes designing, developing, testing & deployment.

App Support & Maintenance

Backend & database integration is very much important for any app. App builders only provide basic support, while app developers provide support even after the app is being released on the App Store or Google Play Store.


Based on the above points, we highly recommend that you go with a Platform app developer, as this option will be useful for your business in the long run.

If you have limited resources and budget, then we suggest you develop an MVP of your website and then update it as per your requirements.

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