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10 January 2020

Simple Tips to Improve Your Blog Posts

If you have a blog, you should keep these points in mind. As you know, "Content is king". So today we will discuss how to write a suitable blog post.

There are generally two criteria for a good article. One is that there is something new about this article. Even if there is no maturity in writing such an article, this article will still be called good.

The second criterion is that even if the article repeats the old traditions, but it is in a heartfelt and excellent words, that the reader enjoys the article. this article will also be called good.

In my opinion, these are the two basic standards of good writing.

What is the main goal of Blog Posting? Simply, we want people to read it, get some organic traffic and have some good impact on our ranking. Also, we want it to share with friends and have some good comments on it. We want the maximum reach. But what the article should contain so that it is very interesting, knowledgeable and most importantly readable. Blog Post Services.

When you plan to write a Blog Post, just have some layout in your mind such as subject, title, contents. Just do some research before creating any content material. Here are some simple steps and tips that should be kept in mind before writing any good Blog post.

1. Choose a Good Title

While writing any article have some picture in mind. From SEO point of view, your article must contain keywords in paragraph, title, headings and subheading because Google search engine gives much more importance to it. Also, your article title must have uniqueness since people look for catchable title. According to the analysis, some 70% people first give importance to title and 30% people then reads the articles. Just create a unique article Title.

2. Just Quality Content, Nothing Else

Now a day, people as well as most importantly the Google search engine gives important to Quality and just quality Content. Your article must be unique, fresh, new and exceptionally knowledgeable. It must be written in an attractive manner. Also include headings and subheadings. Add some meta data as well so that search engine reads your article. Your meta data should have keywords in it.

3. Add relevant Image(s)

It is assumed that one should add an image after every 250 words. The image should be eye catching, and must be related to the article. Add high quality images rather than scattered one or low pixel images. You can also include graphics or infographics in your article. These infographics contains the relevant information in the form of data.

4. Add Caption to your Image(s)

All search engines give importance of text contents over images. So add a good relevant title to your images rather than, say image 201, image 202, etc. Provide some short descriptions of images in most simple and attractive manners. You may add ALT Text to it. Your title of the image must contain some relevant keywords in it. You may also include your Article title as your Image title.

5. Improve your Call to Action

After readers go through your article, state clear-cut what you want for them. Do you want to share your articles on various social media or you want to be them to leave a comment? Just make it clear that the reader must become your prospective client, not all but maybe some of them. In this way, your main aim will be achieved.

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