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11 February 2020

What Make PNB Housing Finance the Safest Investment Option for 2020

As the financial year 2019-2020 draws to a close and the dawn of 2020-2021 awaits, investors are frantically looking out for options of safe investment with tax benefits. With the number of financial platforms for investment available, narrowing it down to a lender that is trustworthy and best synchronizes with the investor’s goals can be laborious. In this comprehensive approach intended to clear the clouds of doubt, we look into the advantages of investing in PNB Housing Finance.

Factors that make PNB housing Finance a reliable option for investment

Listed below are some crucial checkpoints that every investor verifies before investing.

1) Safety

Secured investment with secure lenders offers guaranteed returns. In the aim of assisting investors, several third-party platforms conduct research and provide ratings. CRISIL is India’s first credit rating agency that evaluates a large number of financial companies, including banks, Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC), housing finance companies, securities firms, etc. Before investing in any terms you should check the CRISIL rating of the company or banks etc.

CRISIL stand for As per the grading system of CRISL, FAAA indicates highest safety and NM the least.

The CRISIL Credit Ratings of PNB Housing are as follows:
Instrument Category
Fixed deposits
Bank Loans Long Term 
Short Term(Commercial Paper)


2) Interest rates offered

The interest rates influence the return on investment. Fixed deposits are among the most popular tools of investments covered under the Income Tax Act 80C. The FD Rates in India ranges from 4% to 8%. PNB Housing offers secured FD schemes with best FD interest rates of upto 8.40% and 0.25% higher interest rates for senior citizens.

3) Flexibility & Benefits

- Tenure flexibility

For all its FD investors, PNB Housing offers tenure flexibility through cumulative and non-cumulative options. Based on the frequency of payouts required, investors have the freedom to choose a scheme that best suits their goals.

- Premature cancellation

After a minimum lock-in period of 3 months, investors can choose to liquidate their FDs if required. A penalty charge will be charged during retraction.

- Loan against FD

To mitigate immediate financial needs, PNB Housing provides all its customers with the provision of loan against FD. Its customers can avail upto 75% of the principal amount.

4) Hassle-free

PNB Housing Finance possesses a single technology platform where all its functions are integrated, digitized and efficiently managed. Hence this provides customers with a hassle-free banking experience with the highest level of satisfaction.

Other accolades of PNB Housing Finance
  • Leading Housing Finance Corporation of India as per company reports of September 2019
  • Included in the MSCI Global Small Cap Index of November 2018
  • The company utilizes an operating model supported by regionally centralized hubs for centralized operations.
Final thoughts

With the highest safety on investment tools, PNB Housing Finance provides trustworthy investment schemes. Combined with the best FD rates and tenure flexibility, it ensures investors a good return harmonizing with their goals.

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