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18 April 2020

What are the Impacts of COVID-19 on the iGaming Industry­čÄ«?

The coronavirus pandemic has a substantial impact on the gaming industry. As coronavirus continues its spread around the world, it also affected the iGaming industry to a great extent. There are major gaming events that are canceled only due to the outbreak of coronavirus also known as COVID-19. The iGaming industry was always known for its engaging audience and revenue-based business but the coronavirus outbreak has changed the industry scenario negatively.

Impact of Coronavirus on iGaming Events

The outbreak of coronavirus continues to cause disruption to the iGaming industry across the world. In the year 2020 iGaming industry was expected to be the most revenue-generated business but coronavirus brings lots of uncertainty and outbreak for the iGaming business.

Here are some major events that got canceled, postponed and suspended. The following list is as follows:
  1. The NCAA women’s and men’s basketball tournaments got suspended
  2. Kentucky Derby race reportedly canceled
  3. MLB seasons got delayed
  4. Game Developers Conference is now suspended
  5. NBA seasons got canceled
These above are the major gaming sports events that are canceled, suspended and postponed. Along with the USA, there are various sports events around the world. The following list shows the impacts on the gaming industry due to COVID-19.
  1. Cloudfest got suspended
  2. British Open championship got delayed
  3. UAE Tour Cancelled
  4. AI & Big Data Expo Global, Blockchain Expo Global, and 5G Expo Global (London, UK) — 2020 events also got canceled
  5. Indian Premier League Postponed
  6. UAE Tour suspended
Above mentioned are some of the major gaming events around the world. These events are canceled due to the spreading of coronavirus.

In the scenarios of crises, it is important for the iGaming industry to choose better alternatives in order to keep its users entertained. In this duration of lockdown, people are spending hours playing games. Thus, esports platform development services can be a savior for the iGaming business. It can keep gaming enthusiasts entertained and also keep generating revenue for iGaming business owners.

Esports can be the New Hope during COVID-19 

  1. As all major gaming events got canceled, there is no scope left for the iGaming industry during COVID-19 but esports is still the strongest platform to rely on.
  2. Esports can be the best source of entertainment for users as well as revenue-generating sources for business.
  3. The stats show that during this lock down the number of users playing online games is increasing which shows that esports businesses can try their hands in ESPORTS.
  4. In order to avoid social gathering as a preventive measure against COVID-19, all major events of iGaming sports have been canceled.
  5. As people are looking for recreational activities, and already a potential market of esports is growing exponentially which is the best chance for esports entrepreneurs to enhance their revenue.
  6. Esports business has boomed from time as it is supported by various game publishers and backed by corporate sponsors.
  7. People are locked at their homes and shifting to online entertainment that shows a better opportunity to esports entrepreneurs to expand their business.
  8. As per the current scenario faced by the world, iGaming industry shifts their gaming events to an online platform that can be surely witnessed as an opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their business. 
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Perks that can be used by esports entrepreneurs in the current scenario

  1. Avoiding crowded places will minimize the risk as well as maintaining sanitation that gives an opportunity to esports businesses to entertain their users and expand their business.
  2. As the virus is blowing to the gaming industry and the economy at large which can be an opportunity for esports business to boom as more users are taking actions than during normal times.
  3. In order to handle the financial strain of the iGaming industry, investing in esports can be a better alternative for businesses.
  4. Due to the course of the coronavirus pandemic, the Retention of existing customers is difficult, Thus you must opt for esports as it is on top of the list in respect of entertainment, competitiveness, and adventure.
  5. In current situations, esports is the most affordable way to keep your audience engaged until the threat of coronavirus has passed.
  6. Most esports leagues have found their ways to continue operating over the last few weeks that shows an opportunity to expand the business in esports business.

Options which you can opt for in Esports

Esports Betting Software

Esports betting software can be a wonderful choice for those who are seeking to fulfill their betting passion along with esports gaming. Users can easily get a better chance to bet on various esports games of their own choice including various esports events such as League of Legends World Championship, Overwatch League, Call of Duty and many more.


Fantasy Esports Software

Fantasy esports software can give a combined experience of fantasy and esports gaming. It majorly emphasizes on all major popular games that give real-time and exciting experience to the players. There are a plethora of ultra-modern features available for users which can offer them an advanced gaming experience along with enhancing their gaming skills as per market trends.


Esports can be a Rescue

In the current scenario, WHO has been encouraging people to stay at home and play online games that show an opportunity for business people to enlarge their business. As the cancellation of iGaming events and sports, it has also affected some aspects of the fan experience. Esports is picking up as a popular option for stay at home entertainment that is undoubtedly a significant sign for entrepreneurs.

League of Legends, Call of Duty, Overwatch and many more are the choices of esports events and a relief to the audiences. According to industry research esports is among the unaffected platforms of the gaming industry. The downfall of the gaming industry increases the opportunities for esports.


Esports is the leading world of entertainment

As per the current scenario, people stream online to get over from the boredom of the lockdown period. The spreading of coronavirus led to the closure of many recreational activities worldwide. Thus it gives better opportunities to the business as well as to the people who are seeking entertainment. There are various esports software development companies available in the market to help entrepreneurs in expanding their area. Businesses can easily generate huge revenue by investing in esports and retain their engaging audience.

In order to start your business in esports or to expand your esports business, you need to find a leading and trusted company. You can surely rely on GammaStack as the leading esports software development company.

GammaStack is well-known for its esports development. They have expertise, knowledge, and a team to trust. The team is dedicated to offering the best-customized solution to its customers. Along with that, they have solutions including online casino software, esports software, sports betting platform, and fantasy sports software. To keep your business unaffected due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you must opt for their services. Read about the latest coronavirus updates online

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