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6 May 2020

How Custom Soap Box Packaging can Grow your Sales amid COVID-19 Crisis?

When the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that frequently cleaning hands is the single most important thing that can help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus in the community, a lot of us took this message to heart and stocked up on nearly every kind of soap, ranging from bar soap to liquid soap and body wash.

As a result, the soap and body wash market witnessed a 194 percent increase in sales during the COVID-10 outbreak. In the US alone, liquid soap sales surged by 7.5 percent. The drastic increase in handwashing also increased the demand for luxury soap bars as consumers started to look for cleansers that will be gentle on their skin.

This shows that greater demand doesn’t mean people are willing to buy anything, especially when your audience is knowledgeable on the topic. The only way for brands to persuade them is by developing best-in-class soaps that are encased in strikingly beautiful custom soap box packaging. Yup packaging, you heard that right!

The packaging is the first physical interaction of a brand with its ideal customers. So you need to make sure that it has an unforgettable impact on your favorite audience. Especially when you know that people are actively stocking up on such supplies as they are worried about the price increase.

This gives emerging brands a level playing field to grow their sales and reach. Here’s how your brand can accomplish this goal. 

Create Distinctive Custom Soap Box Packaging

We have seen in recent years that more and more customers are favoring sustainable packaging solutions and eco-friendly brands. Why? In the preceding decade, there is a significant rise in packaging waste.

As a result, people started opting for brands that are actively looking to reduce their carbon footprint by embracing greener packaging options. By leveraging greener custom soap boxes, not only you can attract a large number of eco-conscious customers, but you can also see a sharp increase in your sales and brand awareness. 

Provide Valuable Information to Potential Customers

By joining forces with an established packaging company like The Legacy Printing, not only you can get custom soap packaging in your favorite sizes but you can also print essential information on the bar soap boxes to provide customers the information they need. For example, you can print the ingredients, quantity, size, and other details on the custom soap box packaging to sway customers to buy from you.

Besides this, you can add warning signs and instructions so people will handle and use them with care. Likewise, printing bar codes on your soap packaging will make retailers' jobless hectic as they have to keep track of countless items in their stores. They will be more than pleased to have your soaps on their retail shelves. 

Keep your Soaps and Brand Reputation Intact

Of course, the key aim of using custom soap boxes is to attract potential customers and sway them to buy your soaps. But that’s not all. Bespoke packaging also proves handy when it comes to protecting your product and brand reputation.

Custom soap box packaging allows you to choose your desired materials to create a robust solution. So your customers will always get your product in optimal condition because no one would like to buy a product that arrives in poor or damaged packaging.

The use of quality packaging allows you to enjoy a good reputation and gain a strong position in the market. Because sturdy packaging will support you in safely transporting, distributing, and storing the soaps. 

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