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28 May 2020

DesignCap, Graphic Design Made Simple: Features and Benefits

Not many years ago, obtaining promotional resources that looked like professionals was within reach of individuals or companies with sufficient financial funds invested in marketing.

Today, you can access those same resources, in minutes, within a few clicks, and even totally free.
DesignCap is an online design tool from the company PearlMountain, which aims to offer professional platforms for amateurs. And, best of all, free of charge. With it, it is possible to access ready-made pieces and adapt them to your campaign, changing texts, icons, and colors. All of this can be done without having any intimacy with such a universe.

To start using DesignCap, make a quick registration. You can use the account on Facebook, Gmail, or another email provider. Then, inform with what intention the tool will be used (projects for school, store, NGO) and prepare to create.

In his profile, the user will find the types of layouts separated into four categories: marketing, covers for social networks, posts for social networks, and events. When accessing the desired section, the person is redirected to the online tool. It is there that she can find all the designs in the segment and make the necessary modifications.

The free version of DesignCap has a good range of layouts available. Of the 38 birthday invitations, for example, only ten are blocked. You can exchange texts, icons, and colors, as well as add photos from a free library or use what you have on your PC.

Here, the biggest problem is in the resolution: it is only allowed to download the pieces in small format. A Facebook cover will be 851 x 315 pixels, which is the minimum accepted by the social network.

Advantages of using DesignCap

They can be summarized in four points:

1. Templates and resources included. From the start, you have access to a collection of hundreds of templates and complementary resources such as photographs, basic shapes, and text designs.

2. Saving time and money. Convert hours of work into minutes at an affordable cost that can be minimized to zero.

3. Basic digital skills. You don't need to master expensive design programs, virtually anyone with access to the platform and a few minutes can create their design.

4. Simple but useful tools. You start with a blank canvas that, in one click, turns into a custom design; from there, you drag and arrange elements, change colors, and add texts easily.

What you see is what you get.

The three-step design process

As simple as:
  1. Choose a template of the hundreds that are available.
  2. Customize. Through the different tools to which you have access.
  3. Export. Choose download format and size. Or if you prefer, print directly or download to your computer.

Pros and Cons of DesignCap

The good and the bad of using the platform:


· The price is one point in its favor, it is below other references in the graphic design sector.

· Templates number in the hundreds and are constantly expanding.

· Stock photos integrated into the application itself.

· Storage of your designs online within the platform.


It is available in several languages, although in the case of the Spanish translation, there may be words that seem taken from an automatic translator. They are the least and in no way affect the design process.

In summary

If you are in the process of developing:
  • · Infographics
  • · Reports
  • · Flyers
  • · Posters
  • · Banners
  • · Or designs for social networks
If you currently have a similar design provider or platform, then try, compare, and decide.

The service has a free version that allows you limited access. However, if you are an infrequent user of this type of platform, its templates and stock elements can also save up to 5 designs within the platform and upload up to 5 images.

It is also worth remembering that if the user exits the tool without clicking "Save," he will lose all progress. Free account storage is restricted to five models, but you can download as many pieces as you like.

The basic plan from 4.99 USD per month expands your possibilities by giving you unlimited access to templates and elements and the export of your images in high resolution, as well as allowing you to save up to 100 designs on the platform.

The plus plan from 5.99 USD per month allows you unlimited access and saves up to 1000 designs on the platform, which is ideal if the user is going to be more intensive.

It is important to note that DesignCap is offering a series of unique layouts to use in campaigns to prevent and combat the new coronavirus. There are 50 options with helpful and educational designs.

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