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1 May 2020

5 Reasons to master Python for excelling in AI

The entire field of Artificial Intelligence is past the hype stage and has already entered the stage where innumerous organizations across the world are harnessing the power of AI. AI has proved itself vital in providing sophisticated solutions to complicated problems and thus is being utilized across the globe to reduce inefficiencies, creating opportunities and smartly increasing efficiency.

As a result, the field has also emerged great for individuals with the right set of skills owing to an increasing demand for professionals coupled with the growing need for digitization. Thus, acquiring the necessary skills to master AI should definitely be a priority for individuals seeking lucrative job opportunities. You can also enhance your skills with Python Certification online which will shape your knowledge as well as boost your career.

Python makes a difference

When it comes to creating machine learning algorithms for artificial intelligence systems, Python has proven itself as one of the most useful tools. With competitors like R as SAS as two major tools for statistical computing analysis,  present in the market, the developers of Python have had to push it to the limits. And it has out-performed itself continuously. These tools have fought head to head to be considered as the best machine learning tool. You should definitely read more about it. Meanwhile we can take a look at 5 features of Python that give it an edge.

1. Code less but achieve more!

Implementing AI means the involvement of tons and tons of algorithms, testing which can be a very tiresome task. Python with its ‘check as you code’ methodology eases the process of testing to a great extent.  Hence, you need not code much or code again and again to reach your goal!

2. Convenience

Interestingly Python offers a host of libraries where you can find innumerous predefined    algorithms at your fingertips. This is a great convenience for AI experts as they can save a lot of time by accessing such libraries and this is why professionals prefer building AI using Python!

3. The easiest learning curve

Another reason why Python is adored by millions is the fact that it is almost the easiest of all the programming languages to master. The syntax is very similar to the English language owing to which you can easily acquire proficiency on it and in no time, you will be mastering AI using Python!

4. Accessibility

Python is an open-source programming language which is also used as a tool for building AI models or solving data science problems. Moreover, it is also platform independent which means that you can easily continue with your project irrespective of the platform you are using. This means that you can transfer your code from one OS to another without any hassle.

5. Career opportunities with AI skills in India

Digital transformation is already sweeping through India as the country does not want to miss out on the fourth industrial revolution or the IR 4.0. Industrial sectors like e-commerce, manufacturing, banking and healthcare have already embraced AI owing to which there are innumerous job opportunities in the country which are not only lucrative but also highly rewarding.

Interestingly, many fear losing their jobs due to AI, however, AI is also going to create more jobs than it is going to take away. Thus, it is highly advisable for job seekers to get enrolled in a training institute and start mastering Python for developing AI skills for a future with a sea of opportunities!

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