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16 May 2020

How to Choose a Quest Super Cruiser Longboard


If you are interested in buying a quest super cruiser longboard then you are at the right place. I know most of the people face some problems before buying it. I also became confused. Then I have read a lot and got found issues.

Recently, I have tried some boards and finally, I invented everything about a cruiser longboard. You need to know the material, size, deck, wheels, weight, and others.

Today I will explain "How to choose a quest super cruiser longboard?" So keep reading carefully and choose a board like a master. Moreover, the best quest longboard reviews can be viewed here.

  How to Choose a Quest Super Cruiser Longboard?


Thing first thing I consider is the material. If you want a long-lasting board you must ensure durable material. What is the best material for the board?

Well, I prefer quality maple hardwood or plywood. For high-quality bamboo such as Astisan bamboo is better. The fresh look depends on the deck.


The wheel ensures a smooth riding. Must be aware of wheels while buying a longboard. If the wheel is not proper in size then you won't get the board comfortable.

I suggest you select a board having polyurethane wheels. The wheel size should be between 65-75 mm. (Can be a little bit more or less) The next thing is, the wheels should be connected with a light aluminum truck.

If you want to ride on any uneven ground then the wheel must be a quality one like I have described.

Size of the Longboard

The next thing is the length and width. We all know that a quest cruiser longboard is a bit wider than normal boards. There is actually no exact size. But some people asked for approximate size.

You can select a board having a deck length of 44 inches and a width of 9 inches. Make sure you get enough room standing on the board.


Smooth riding also depends on bearing. I think the stock bearings system will be good. But you need to choose bearing according to riding style. ABEC 5 bearings must provide a joyful riding. But if you want to perform downhill then ABEC 7 bearings will be perfect.


Safety is always been an essential concern. Make sure the cruiser longboard is not made of any toxic material. Also, ensure all the safety features. If you are riding the board in different environments And different surfaces then select considering all the necessary features.


If the longboard doesn't meet your comfortability then it is good for nothing. But how do you know it is comfortable?

Stand on the board. Try to understand whether you get a good room or not. Also, understand how much balance you are getting. Make sure you can lean and turn easily. Also, assure the board runs smoothly. Must check these factors before buying it.


Everyone wants to buy a stylish quest longboard. The fancy people will never be satisfied if they don't like the design. Though the first thing is the quality, the design is also a big fact. First, ensure the quality and then make sure you like it. You must be happy when your friend will appreciate your board.


There are some other facts such as budget, color, trucks, and others. Also, check out them and make sure they are perfect.

Final Thought

I think you have already understood the main factors. The main thing is you need to know everything about the board first. Then consider the other features. Try to match my discussed factors with the board.

Hopefully, you will face no problem in choosing an appropriate quest super cruiser longboard.

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