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2 June 2020

Various Useful Antifungal Products to Combat Fungal Infections

The fungus is a microorganism that can be seen only under a powerful microscope. Various types of fungi are available in nature, some of which are beneficial while some are harmful to mankind. You may be adversely affected by any of these fungi, which can cause immense irritation on your body. Since fungal infection of hair is most commonly seen, different Ketoconazole shampoo brands in India can be used for the required treatment.

Cure of fungal infection on the lips

When the soft skin of your lips is affected by a harmful fungus, you may feel dryness, pain, itchiness, and a burning sensation on your lips. You will feel embarrassed due to the cracks, sores, and blisters on your lips caused by this fungal growth, which hamper your natural beauty. Your doctor can help you in this situation by prescribing an antifungal lips cream, to cure this problem. You need to clean your lips and mouth cavity before applying this cream, which should be left for some time or preferably overnight, to get faster results.  

Treatment of fungal infection in the hair

The foremost symptom of fungal infection on your scalp is the tiny white flakes of dandruff visible all over your hair. You will also suffer from itching, reddish scalp, and rapid hair fall, due to this problem. Usually, this kind of fungal growth occurs mostly on the oily scalp or due to the side effect of any medicine. The best treatment of dandruff is to wash the scalp and hair thoroughly with a suitable antidandruff shampoo. Ketomac shampoo is quite popular as an effective antifungal product, which contains Ketoconazole 2% in aqueous suspension. As it has fewer side effects and faster relief compared to other antifungal shampoos, doctors recommend it among all Ketoconazole shampoo brands in India. You should apply it on wet hair, rinse it and leave for around 10 minutes on your scalp. Then you can wash it with water at normal temperature, to make your hair clean, oil-free, and dandruff-free.

Curing fungal infection of the feet 

The toes, heels and the upper skin of your feet may turn reddish, scaly, and painful due to the presence of a fungus called Tinea pedis. This infection is medically termed as Athlete’s Foot and needs treatment with an antifungal cream. Usually, this infection starts from the toenails and then gradually spread all over the foot. Ketomac cream is effective in curing this ailment and thus, you need to use it according to the dosage prescribed by your doctor. People also apply different home remedies for curing Athlete’s Foot; like neem oil, garlic, sea salt, and tea tree oil.

Ketomac cream and shampoo are manufactured by renowned Torque Pharmaceuticals, which have earned fame in the treatment of fungal infections. The presence of Ketoconazole, a useful medication has made this antifungal lips cream so popular among doctors and common people. Ketoconazole breaks the cell membrane of fungus cells, leading to the fast destruction of these harmful fungi infecting the human body. Thus, you can rely on the antifungal products sold by this company, for the treatment of any kind of fungal infection.

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