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9 June 2020

10 Best CamScanner Alternatives For iOS and Android Devices

CamScanner used to be the best scanner app with clear and sharp scans. However, the app has malicious malware that adds intrusive ads on Android smartphones. Now people are actively finding CamScanner alternatives to scan various important documents.

So, here we share document scanner apps that can replace CamScanner and generate excellent scans.

Top 10 CamScanner Alternatives For Your Smartphone

Document scanner apps are the go-to solution for scanning. Here are the best scanning apps that digitize documents in no time.

1. FlashScan

As the name suggests, this is the fastest and most accurate PDF scanner app. It ranks first on our list because of its top-notch features.
  1. It scans all types of documents and gives clear and sharp results.
  2. It offers an in-built OCR that is a master text extractor. It also translates texts from English to other languages.
  3. FlashScan accurately reads QR codes and Barcodes. Users can easily save or share it.
  4. The professional post-scan filters glorify the scanned results.
  5. Users can anytime get PDF documents with FlashScan.
Download FlashScan now to simplify your scanning tasks.

2. Adobe Scan

The next scanner app for android in our list is Adobe Scan. It also works best for iOS.
  1. You can scan documents, receipts, notes, ID cards, etc with this simple to use app.
  2. It also offers a smart crop that enables you to crop the precise edges of any documents.
  3. It also supports OCR that reads texts from the images.
Install: Android (Free), iOS (Free, in-app purchases)

3. Evernote Scannable

If you own an iPhone or iPad, Evernote Scannable is one of the best apps for you. Evernote Scannable gives excellent features and great user experience.
  1. It supports all types of documents and offers easy and handy scanning.
  2. The smart edge detection crops the image automatically.
  3. Seamlessly share files to the cloud with Evernote.
  4. You can save your scans as an image or PDF file.
Install: Android (Comes built-in with scanning feature), iOS (Free, in-app purchases)

4. ScanPro

  1. It is a popular app for scanning documents and generating PDF files on the go.
  2. It’s neck and neck with CamScanner in terms of features and user-friendly experiences.
  3. ScanPro can easily scan documents, receipts, ID cards, whiteboards, QR code, and more.
  4. It supports OCR and Batch scanning.
Install: Android, iOS

5. Microsoft Office Lens

Yet another powerful CamScanner alternative that you can go for. Microsoft Office Lens allows better experience if you are already using Microsoft’s ecosystem.
  1. You can scan all types of documents and make them readable.
  2. Further, you can export these documents directly into Word or Powerpoint documents and annotate thereafter.
  3. Great automatic edge detection and supports OCR
Install: Android, iOS (Free)

6.Google Drive

The best PDF scanner app that syncs with all Google services.We all know about it,and it offers effective features.
  1. Easy document scanner.
  2. Clean automatic edge detection.
  3. Upload scanned files directly to Google Drive.
Install: Android, iOS

7. Notebloc

It is a strong PDF scanner app while searching for a feature-packed CamScanner alternative.
  1. Strong document scanner.
  2. Excellent automatic edge detection.
  3. Batch scanning.
  4. Save as JPG and PDF.
Install: Android, iOS

8. TapScanner

It is our next best scanner app in the list.TapScanner is reliable and produces clear scanned documents.
  1. Robust post-processing and many professional filters.
  2. Excellent intuitive edge detection.
  3. Supports OCR.
Install: Android, iOS


Excellent document scanner app that brings hosts of CamScanner features. However, this app does not offer the OCR tool.
  1. Fair document scanner with clear and crisp results.
  2. Allows users to save scanned results as JPG and PDF.
  3. You can seamlessly share files to the cloud.
Install: Android (Free, in-app purchases), iOS

10.Fast Scanner

The last in our list of PDF scanner apps is the Fast Scanner. It offers a straightforward user interface.
  1. A fast and easy-to-use document scanner.
  2. You can save scans as JPG, PNG, and PDF.
  3. Seamlessly share files to the cloud.
Install: Android, iOS

Download one of these document scanner apps and go paperless.Need the one stop scanning solution? Pick the FastScan.

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