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10 June 2020

Best Profitable Business India

A Standard Business Plan Outline [Updated for 2020]
Everyone wants to start Business but they fail. We have lost of best business ideas that share with you without investment or minimal investment. Somehow, they can open their business but they are not able to make it profitable because of that business will become a failure.

Why does this business fail?

The reason is simple, they chose the wrong business. You should always choose a business that is suitable for your lifestyle, in which you have the experience, which has a low possibility of failure and low investment.

If you are also thinking to open your profitable business then you are right place. Smart businessmen always learn from others' mistakes. So, in this post, I am going to share Best Profitable Business India.

Best Profitable Business India

The Best part of today’s ear is we have freedom of technology. The government of India is more focusing on startups. They are helping new businesses to grow. Even college students’ women are working together to start Best Profitable Business India.

So, without wasting any time let’s see some of the Best Profitable Business ideas in India which you can start.

1.Blogging and Freelancing writing

This one is my personal favorite. Personally, I like to write and share content and I love blogging.

You can earn a huge amount of money by just writing about anything which you love for your targeting audience. When the audience starts coming to your website you can monetize your website via google ads or affiliate marketing.

It is very easy to start your personal blog. You just need some little amount of money that is less than 2000 for a year for your website. You just need a hosting and domain to get started.

Bluehost, HostGator, and GoDaddy are my personal favorite.

2. Dropshipping

One of the trendy’s businesses now I am finding from the last 2 years is Dropshipping. Dropshipping gives you a platform to sell anything online. In this method, you don’t have to manufacture a product or you don’t have to do shipping of a product after a customer order. This thing will be done by Dropshipping platforms.

Shopify is one of the best dropshipping platforms. Also, Dropshipping requires an investment to run a Facebook or Google ads to attract a customer to your store.

Whenever any customer purchases any product from your store you will get a commission for that product. If you learn and able to choose the right product for your store then you can earn a huge amount of profit.

3. Freelancing services:

There are lots of platforms present on the internet which help you to make money. You can create your gig about your service for which you will get paid off whenever anyone places any order.

You can offer any service like Writing, SEO, Facebook ads, Video Editing, Image editing etc. Fiver are one the best freelancing website for freelancing.

They charge a little amount of joining fees every month but in return, they help you to find a job according to your job profile.

4. Starting Snacks Business

Indian people love to eat snacks like Namkeen, Bafflers in snacks. You can start your own manufacturing unit of snacks. But this business requires an initial investment for machines.

You have to buy namkeen making machines. After that, you need a packing machine. If you buy a fully automated packing machine than it will cost somewhere around 2 lakh per unit. The capacity of this machine will be 2000 package per hour.

Snacks making business is one the trading is a profitable business. But the problem with this type of business is you need lots of money support and taste of food with customer support if you want to sustain in the market.

5. Chappal Making Business:

I know you will be thinking you cannot start chappal making business. It is not suitable for your stander. But the harsh truth is no business is big and small. If you can make a profit with that business than that business is good for you.

Chappal making business also needs a small investment if you are starting on a small scale. The normal setup for chappal making requires less than 40,000 Rs.

After that, you have to buy a rubber sheet as raw material for your business. The mantra for profitable chappal making business is a good quality of chappal rubber.

If you give good quality of rubber which can be usable for a year than next time that customer surely buy only the product brand.


So, this is my personal favourite business. From thing, Freelancing and Blogging are my favourites. In both cases, you just need skills which you sell online and nothing else. Also, investment in both businesses is low.

Namkeen making business is my favourite business when it comes to an offline business idea. I am also goon start new namkeen business. So, make sure you follow our website for more update.

If you have any other Best Profitable Business India idea than make sure you comment. If I feel they are also the best option then I will add that in our blog.

Share this post with your family and friends and let know about Best Profitable Business India ideas.


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