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8 June 2020

Smarter Ways To Make Sure Your Kids Are Not Being Bullied

Kids these days are smart, efficient, and modernized. They have easy access to every possible digital gadget. Most of all they got the Internet the wildest weapon of this decade. They know things which you probably not knew at their age. The Digital era has made parenting more hard and difficult. Parents are worried sick about their kid's surroundings, their classmates, after school parties, online friends, etc. But being a “cool parent’’ they are not supposed to invade the privacy of their child and cant ‘embarrass’ them in front of their whole social circle. So what to do?. We have got the solution.

Nowadays there are thousands of spy apps available, but everyone has some drawbacks. But we give you a perfect packaged spy app that will lessen your anxiety and will make sure that your child is safe from bullies or any other harm without them knowing. All you need to do is follow simple steps and install an OgyMogy app in your child android phone. You can also keep an eye on your kid's tab or laptop or personal computer by using a kids monitoring app for mac or windows. That's all now you will know your child whereabouts hence OgyMogy will smartly save your cool mom or cool dad image.

Live Location Alert:

OgyMogy helps you to know if your child is regularly visiting an abandoned building after school. Or if he is skipping school frequently. OgyMogy live location tracking feature helps you to know the exact location of your child on the map. Now you can remotely know all the hideouts of your child. Or if he is lying to you about his whereabouts and being bullied, you can simply visit the recorded tracked location using the OgyMogy app.

Safe Social Media

Frequent social media usage is a cool trend nowadays. Almost every teen use Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc. With vast options of socializing on social media platforms comes more exposure to cyberbullying, stalking, etc. As a parent, you want to provide a safe online environment to your child and that’s where OgyMogy helps you efficiently. With OgyMogy, you can keep complete remote access on every social media account of your child. Thus you will notice any unknown stalker or bully before your child and can prevent them from any harm.

Keep An Eye Call Log And Contacts:

Is your child acting paranoid after getting some calls? OgyMogy provides you with the feature which helps you track all the record of your child call logs. Now you can just block any unknown or restricted suspicious number from your child phone. With the android call tracking feature, you will know all incoming and outgoing call records. Moreover, if you are suspicious that someone is blackmailing your child or pressurizing him or her you can avail call recording feature and can listen to all the recorded calls of your child phones.

Watch Their Screen In Real-Time:

Cyberbullying, stalking and blackmailing is very common in high schools these days. Mental health deterioration, high suicide rates all are the possible outcomes. In these circumstances, every parent wants the safety of their child. If you are noticing that your child is getting useless text messages from an anonymous number or his or her safety is being threatened in any possible way, you need to get access to their smartphones. OgyMogy allows you to keep an eye on your kids with mobile screen recording app. You can watch their screen in screenshots or form small videos using a screen recording feature of the app.

Listen To Their Surroundings:

If you are worried that someone is threatening or hurting your child in school, and he is lying to you.No worries, with OgyMogy live surround listening app, you can easily listen to every chat or conversation of the surrounding area of your kids android phone. Thus you will get to know if your child is being harassed by the seniors or classmates. And you can make sure no one is following them on their way back home.

With OgyMogy, you can maintain a safe environment for your child both online as well as in real life and make sure to give them a healthy and stable lifestyle.

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