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9 June 2020

Pharm D Vs. B Pharm: Differences Between The Two Courses

Pharmacy is referred to as the science as well as the technique of preparing & dispensing various kinds of drugs. The pharmacy can also be defined as a profession known for linking health sciences & chemical sciences towards ensuring the effective & safe use of pharmaceutical drugs for the treatment of a wide range of ailments.

If you are interested in the study of pharmacy, you can come across a wide number of specialized courses for the given field. Out of these courses, Pharma-D & B-Pharmacy are the most common, yet popular courses. If you happen to be a pharmacy aspirant, we will help you know about the major points of differences between the two.

Differences between Pharma-D and B-Pharmacy Courses

Both Pharma-D and B-Pharmacy are job-oriented medical courses that you can pursue from the leading colleges and universities in India. People’s University in Bhopal is one of the leading institutions delivering access to high-end pharmacy courses that allow you to excel in the given domain. If you are going to pursue a lucrative career in the given domain, you should understand the differences between Pharma-D and B-Pharmacy fields as well.

#Type of Course

Pharma D is known to stand for Doctor of Pharmacy. It is a post-graduation doctorate degree program in the field of pharmacy. On the other hand, B Pharmacy is known to stand for Bachelor of Pharmacy. It is a popular undergraduate degree course in the field of pharmacy.

#Duration of the Course

For completing the Pharma-D course, you are required to pursue the degree for around 6 years. In this course, the academic period is known to last until 5 years, with one year of complete dedication towards training. On the other hand, the B-Pharmacy course is for a duration of 4 years. The entire span of four years is known to feature academic programs. You can pursue an internship after the program ends.

#Course Content & Structure

The doctorate degree course of Pharma-D is known to comprise the core concepts of pharmacy, healthcare studies, clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical care, and pharmacy practice. On the other hand, b pharm course is concerned with the research & theoretical aspects of the subject on topics like quality control, drug manufacturing, general pharmacy studies, research, and so more.

#Degree After Course Completion

Once you complete the Pharma-D course, you will obtain the title of being a Doctor (Dr.) in the given domain. Whereas, after completing your B-Pharmacy course, you will successfully receive the Bachelor’s Degree in the field of pharmacy.

#Job Profiles & Prospects

Once you complete the doctorate degree course in Pharma-D, you can look forward to working in leading healthcare institutions, hospitals, healthcare research centers, and even pharmacy colleges. Upon completing the B-Pharmacy degree course, you can work in colleges, medical shops, research firms, and pharmaceutical companies.


Whatever might be your goals, look out for pursuing Pharma-D or B-Pharmacy courses from a reputed college like People’s University in Bhopal. All the best.

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