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11 June 2020

5 of the Best Kept Secrets to Healthy-Looking Hair Extensions

If you are looking for a glamorous and polished hairstyle, hair extensions are here to save the day. The highest-quality extensions are made from human hair, 100% Remy hair to be more exact and they blend perfectly with your natural hair. No matter if they are permanent or for occasional use, hair extensions are a reliable ally that will give you the hair of your dreams if you take care of them. We selected some of the best-kept secrets and hacks to keep your locks on point. Your perfect hair extension is always the best factors to brighten up your summer look.

1. Avoid poor quality care products

Just like human hair, 100% Remy hair extensions need love and care to maintain the shine and strength. Keep in mind that the hair in the extensions is dead and it is not receiving any nutrients like sebum and natural oils anymore. Make sure you use high-quality products that don’t have the following ingredients: sulfate, SD alcohol 40, Ethanol, Propanol, Isopropyl, and Propyl. These ingredients are very drying and they will take the remaining nutrients and oils from the extensions, leaving them dry and coarse.

2. Brush them carefully

Keeping your extensions tangle-free is vital for long and beautiful wear. Be very gentle with them and avoid brushing them when they are wet. Given that they don’t receive much nutrition, they are prone to easily breaking when wet. Use a wide-tooth wooden comb or a special loop brush. Start the brushing only when the extensions are 90% dry and make sure that you brush them before every wash.

3. Don’t overdo with washing

This is maybe one of the biggest mistakes and myths. Keep in mind that the 100% Remy hair extensions don’t get oily by themselves like normal human hair and they don’t need an insistent and aggressive wash. Make sure you condition on the whole length of the hair before washing to make sure you give some protection to your extensions. One shampooing should be enough and the process should be gentle and quick.

4. Never skip the heat-protective spray
Remember that extensions should be air-dried but if you are in a great rush you can use the blow-drier as long as you use a high-quality heat-protective spray. The same thing applies when styling your hair with a flat iron or curling iron. 100% Remy hair extensions don’t need lots of heat so try to be as gentle as possible with the temperature.

5. Don’t change your hair color

Even though it may seem tempting to dye your natural hair and your human hair extensions over and over again you must remember that the extensions can’t keep up with this rhythm very long. Excessive dying or an abrupt change of colors (from jet black to blonde) will damage your hair extensions and they will become very dry and coarse and most times this can’t be reversed.
As we can see, taking care of your virgin hair extensions is not extremely difficult. The key to healthy-looking hair extensions that will be by your side for a long time is being a bit more cautious when choosing your products and treating your new locks just like you treat your natural hair.

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