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17 June 2020

Roger Wolfson Offers Some Tips On Becoming a Good Screenwriter

There are many people who love to tell stories. However, if their story has a number of colorful characters, a lot of drama, and a narrative arc that is ideal for a film or serialized television show, one may consider becoming a screenwriter. Roger Wolfson is one such individual who left his flourishing career as a political speechwriter to pursue his passion of writing for TV and movies. With high dedication and hard work, he managed to acquire success in the domain of TV and film writing as well. He is currently the head writer for a TV drama streaming on Sony's Crackle. Prior to this, he had written for multiple other shows as well, including and "The Closer", "Law and Order: SVU" and "Saving Grace."

Screenwriting simply refers to the craft of developing scripts for TV shows and movies, and can be an individual or collaborative effort.  With consistent efforts and dedication like Roger Wolfson, people can surely succeed in this field. Over the years, Wolfson has sold many of his own TV pilots to popular US networks like CBS, ABC, USA, Bravo, and Lifetime, as well as got a chance to work alongside producers like Charlize Theron, Denis Leary, and Tim Kring. He has established itself as a valuable professional both in the domain of law and entertainment. Before stepping into the world of TV, Wolfson wrote speeches for Senator John Kerry and has worked with many well-known politicians.

Roger Wolfson came to Los Angles in January 2003 to enhance and optimally utilize his writing talent. By July of that year, he was a staff writer at the "Century City" series of CBS that starred Viola Davis. Wolfson's talent and methodical approach helped him quite a bit to progress in his screenwriting career. Here are a few tips offered by him related to this subject:
  • Persistence is vital to mastering any craft, including screenwriting. One must keep honing their skills and try not to get discouraged by naysayers. Roger Wolfson mentions this point taking into consideration the diverse failures he has come across in his screenwriting career. He underlines that it is crucial always to have a persistent approach, no matter the high and lows one faces in their career span. Keeping a list of various things they want to achieve in their career would be a great way to work the way up towards bigger successes.
  • Knowing the characters of their story, as well as the target audience of the content is vital for all screen writers. They must have a good idea about how the characters dress, what they do for fun, and how they would react in certain situations. These elements, however, have to be underlined while trying to gauge the audience's response.  The actions and reactions of the characters must make sense to the audience.
Hard work, persistence, and good knowledge about the characters they write, can significantly help people to progress in their screenwriting career.

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