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10 July 2020

10 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Local SEO

The majority of the businesses across the globe are operating via a worldwide network while using digital means to conduct and promote their business. Nearly every business, including both brick-and-mortar stores and online setups, has a website. But if the website is not optimized to reach the local market, it’s of no use.

With the increasing competition to appear at the top o local searches, the need for Local SEO has become essential than ever. Local search engine optimization is necessary; in fact, it is the foremost step for a website to target the local audience and generate business.

Among the emerging global marketing trends, local SEO is considered as the most effective marketing tool. Due to this, businesses hire SEO services to boost their SEO efforts for the local market. 

Website Optimization and it’s Primacy

Website Optimization is an operation that tends to refine the potential of a website. It does so by helping businesses create and target a wider audience, expand the business, and enjoy increased growth opportunities in the local market by using a set of merchandising and high-tech methodologies.

Local search engine optimization” should be your go-to-strategy for digital marketing of your website. Now, you must be thinking that you will have to hire professionals and spend additional bucks to boost your website’s local SEO. Well, you don't need to worry. We have got your back! Listed below are the 10 highly efficacious strategies that you and other business owners can use to optimize the website to attain local search engine optimization.
· Optimize Google Business Profile

For the local search optimization of your business website, you need to optimize your Business profile on Google, for which you have to create a Google My Business Account. A GMB account associates and optimizes your business profile. The amazing benefit of a Google My Business Account is that it verifies ownership and avoids/bans duplicate listing of one's business.

The rest of the business optimization steps are as follows:

1. Give correct and recent information (Name, address, phone number)

2. Include a sufficient description of the business, its logo, details of products and services, service duration, payment modes and appealing images of products

3. Give genuine response to customers feedback

4. Ask for reviews from your customers

5. Use Google My Business dashboard to post about your products, services, offers, and events

· Use Local Business Directories

You might be familiar with online business directories like Yelp, Yellow pages, MapQuest, and several others. These directories tend to enhance local SEO by making your business name, address, and phone number appear at a higher rank in the local search results. 

· Creating a Location Page is Necessary

It's vital to add a location page on your website, whether it's a single location or a multiple-location business. The location pages contain your address, phone number, business hours, customer reviews, business description, and other essential details a customer might need to connect with you. Also, it prevents your content from duplication.

You can gain a bonus point for adding a Google Map location of your business on the location page of your website. 

· Link Building or Off-site Optimization

Well, it’s a long term but effective strategy only if one uses it wisely. However, SEO professionals also agree that it’s a tough part of their job. This tactic involves building backlinks from other websites to improve a website’s search engine optimization. Link building from quality sites helps in generating relevant traffic on a site. It basically serves as a signal to Google implying that your website is resourceful and notable for citation. 

· Content Optimization

In the very first place, create a catchy title and tagline using 3Cs, i.e., Clear, Concrete, and Concise.

Creating local content by publishing blog posts, local news, stories, or events help your website to appear in the top local search rankings. 

· Make Smart Use of Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the hub of ideas. It helps in brainstorming relevant search terms for the content to establish local search engine optimization keywords. But one has to pick the terms that are associated with high search volume but have low competition.

Also, one must search for local keywords. After having the appropriate keywords for local SEO, one needs to ensure that they appear in the URL, Meta description, and title. Remember, too many keywords can negatively impact your SEO efforts.

The fun part is that the use of this tool is free! If one makes the smart use of these tools, their website could be efficiently optimized for local search results without having to pay for SEO services! 

· URL Optimization

The optimization of URL (Uniform Resource Locator), also known as “Web address, “plays a key role in local search engine optimization. Your website’s URL must be well written, short, and precise. It must follow the optimal format. Incorporation of keywords in URL contributes to a high rank in local searches, thus enhancing the site’s visibility to people.

· Site Adaptability to Multiple Devices

We are living in a Mobile-First Era, where most of the websites and applications have become adaptable towards multiple gadgets, especially smartphones.

You need to work on your site’s adaptability to multiple devices and especially smartphones. Make short Meta titles for your website, avoid the appearance of pop-ups to users on your site’s page, use appealing graphics, and attractive pictures. Your content should be easier to read on mobile devices. 
· Social Media is your website’s Promotional Partner

To boost local search engine optimization, you have to generate local traffic on your site. By connecting with the local audience, the traffic generation is increased.

Social Media is the best tool to connect with a broad local audience. Make sure that your business has a page on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Add your site link over these social media accounts and make the best use of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts for local promotion of your website. 

· Local SEO Tools

The last and the most effective strategy to enhance a website’s local SEO is the use of best Local SEO Tools. These tools play a crucial role in SEO. These tools tend to improvise the local search ranking of your website and do all the work for your site’s local search engine optimization while you could sit back.

These monitor and analyse the site’s activity, visibility, efficiency, reviews, and other critical aspects.
Closing Word

Before you expand your business’ reach into the global market, make sure you are appearing on top of the local searches. Without result-driven and properly managed local search engine optimization, you will deprive your business of the local consumers that considerably contribute to a business’ success. Using these smart tips and tricks, you can win a winning SEO strategy that will lead you to the top of the local searches! 

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