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22 July 2020

A Compilation of 5 Essential Digital Marketing Courses and Certifications

Both courses and certifications are the things that form an essential part of one’s career. With the help of the various courses, one can gain knowledge and learn new skills in a field like Digital Marketing. For that matter any field. As far as the certifications are concerned, they serve to be an indicator of your competence level, and also provides a competitive advantage to the one possessing it.

Today, we will be bringing to you, a compilation of both the best Digital Marketing courses 2020, and the best Digital Marketing certifications 2020.

Essential Digital Marketing courses and certifications

Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics is amongst those tools which the marketers can deploy in order to measure the rise in the website traffic. It is not only simple to use for the beginners, but a powerful one for the advanced users. An essential free tool for the marketers, transforming yourself into an expert in this one is a job at hand considering its comprehensive nature.

So, to become Google Analytics certified, one got to undergo the Google Analytics exam. Once an individual becomes Google Analytics certified, he/she will become proficient at utilizing Google Analytics, and assist others in the use of this tool.

Content Marketing Certification from HubSpot

There is no difference of opinion in the fact that in today’s digital world, content happens to be the king. No wonder that content marketing forms the heart of an effective Digital Marketing strategy. That’s the reason, possessing a HubSpot content marketing certification would be a wise thing to do for one’s career.

Possessing writing and communication skills is the thing that all marketers should possess in today’s times. In addition to this, having the knowledge and understanding how to come up with scalable and repeatable processes so as to deploy and execute on their content marketing strategy is also important.

HubSpot content marketing certification covers the various aspects related to content marketing strategy namely Content Ideation, Storytelling, Content Repurposing, Content Creation Framework, Content Analyzation and Promotion.

So, it will be a good certification to have.

Digital Marketing course from Digital Trainee

Digital Trainee has on offer, an intensive practical oriented training program in Digital Marketing that covers the advanced 50 modules that are recognized worldwide. Under this course, one gets hands on training on the A to Z of Digital Marketing. It has been developed in a manner so as to suit the needs of the job seekers, working professionals and business owners/entrepreneurs alike.

The training ideology at the institute constitutes of in class practical implementation training, portfolio creation and evaluation, and learning that is assignments and case study based. To add to this, the institute boasts of a faculty that has got 7+ years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry.

Some of the unique offerings of this course include,
  • 100% job placement assistance
  • Access to an award winning and all-inclusive LMS
  • Guaranteed internship with 17+ international certificates
  • Live money based campaigns for real-time learning
  • Exposure to 50+ online Digital Marketing tools
And more….

The latest offering from Digital Trainee happens to be an online live interactive Practical Digital Marketing Training Program.

Be a part of Digital Trainee - Digital Marketing Courses in Pune or enroll for their online course, and become an expert in Digital Marketing. Don’t lose this golden opportunity!

Google AdWords Certification

Google AdWords holds strong in the digital space. Earlier, Digital Advertising comprised of placing a banner ad on to a website. However, in today’s times, Digital Advertising has so much more to it. Google AdWords has turned out to be a reliable thing for those organizations who are looking to build on their Digital Marketing return on investment.

This one is a professional certificate for individuals able to put forth knowledge of Google AdWords. The certification is valid for a duration of one year. For becoming Google AdWords certified, one needs to clear two of the AdWords certification exams.

Undergoing a Digital Marketing course, or having a certification like those mentioned over here, will help you to acquire the industry desired skillset, and also make your profile stand out from the crowd. So, begin on a strong note, and take your career to newer heights!

Digital Marketing Specialist Program from Simplilearn

This particular course from Simplilearn is designed in a manner so as to get the trainees industry ready through providing training across wide range of areas. This Master’s Program comprises of a learning curve that is curated by the experts. It is nothing but a stepwise plan to acquire the skill set of a Digital Marketer who is capable of handling and managing different Digital Marketing specific initiatives.

Here is a training program that has on offer the following:
  • Access to 75+ online classes that are conducted by live instructors
  • A master’s program certificate
  • As many as 7 advanced courses comprising of SEO, web analytics, PPC, social media and content
  • Mentoring sessions from industry experts on a monthly basis
  • 45+ projects along with Mimic Social and MimicPro Simulation
Search for the Digital Marketing courses and opt for the best suited one. Such courses would help in laying a strong foundation for your career, by providing the right kind of knowledge and skills.

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