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1 July 2020

Few Questions You Ought to Ask While Choosing a New SEO Client

Are you a content strategist?


Are you planning how to interact with your new clients?

You will be happy to know that there are many options to do this, but first, you need to prepare a set of questions before onboarding new SEO clients.

Why is it necessary for you to question your clients?

For understanding the requirement

Questioning is the primary way through which you can understand your clients' requirements. When your client answers you, it becomes easier to map out their business goals and prepare your content.

For understanding expectations

Every client expects results from content strategists; the set of questions you prepare will help you gain an insight into what exactly the client wants from you.

For better cooperation

Things become easier when both parties understand each other in a better way. Let us say you are using certain SEO techniques to improve and meet customer requirements. It will be helpful if the client can understand what you are doing to improve their business. It will give you the freedom to do your job.

What are a few questions that you are supposed to ask your clients?

What is your business all about?
Giving your client a chance to explain his/her business can open up your mind and fill in new thoughts of improving the industry through SEO content.

What are your company's vision and mission?

Every company has long term and short-term goals that vary!

In order to work on a project, you have to use certain methodologies to achieve success. Hence, it is imperative for you to know about the client company's vision and mission.

What is the purpose?

Every company or brand has a purpose for the content. When you formulate a strategy for the company, it is essential to know the content purpose so that you can write for them in a better way.

Can you name some branded keywords?

Every company uses a set of keywords to represent their brand. Understanding those keywords can help you find new ways of optimizing the content in terms of SEO.

What are the company facts you do not wish to share?

Every client has a set of hidden facts that he would not want to share!

Asking this question can help you get the information and avoid using negative terms associated with the company's brand. In addition, you can also take a measure to remove those negative terms from the keyword set to avoid complications.

How do you differentiate your company from your competitors?


What is the specialty of your company?

If you want to write better content in terms of marketing and optimize it using SEO, you need to understand what sets the client company different from their competitors. Every company is different; you just have to view through the facts from different corners.

For more information you can contact a SEO company.

Pro tip – Note the unique quality of the company and build your content around that quality.

Can you provide a description of the products and services?

Allow the client to explain what products and services they offer. Mark the words they use while explaining to you. You can clearly notice the way they speak and the words they use. Note down all of them and formulate your content strategy (In terms of SEO) according to it. It becomes easier to target customers when you have a built set of facts before creating a strategy.

Ask your client about the target customers

Whether it is a start-up or an established company, every company targets a particular segment of customers for marketing their products. As a content strategist, you need to have a complete idea about the target customers so that you can easily create a customer-centric content.

How can this content help address your current client issue?

You need to understand the importance of the content for your client. You need to create content that acts as a bridge between the client and customer goals.

How do you want the client conversation to be?

A client conversation can be direct, formal, informal, or descriptive. You need to formulate your content as per the conversation requirement and client expectations.

What are some of the additional questions that you can ask your client?
  1. What are the current issues your company is facing?
  2. What is your idea about ideal customers?
  3. Who are your main competitors?
Asking these questions can help you gain useful information about the new SEO client.


No matter how hard you optimize the content using SEO techniques and methods, it is very important for you to understand what the client expectations are. Hence, it is important that you prepare yourself to question your clients before taking over a new project so that you provide them with the best output.

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