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6 July 2020

Switch to Smarter Manufacturing with Smart ERP System


The ever increasing trend for implementing smart industries using the latest tools and techniques has grown to an extent that manufacturing industries that were once considered as the most conventional industries have transformed into the digitally advanced world of machines. The intelligent use of machine learning, robotics and smart automation software together has brought this change.

Industry 4.0 culture has given the business automation software like SAP Business One a decent place in the manufacturing industry. With the ERP in place, there are more advanced machines and human efforts are used in making valuable tasks and strategy making only. Also, the challenges have been solved for the shop floor workers too and not too much supervision is required for the maintenance of machines or running the manufacturing process. The smart and roust ERP solution supervises that all by itself. It ensures the smooth running of machines with its advanced machine learning technology and makes the process also much easier.

Is your Manufacturing Company Smart Too?

Manufacturing ERP software is truly bliss for the leaders in the industry and the emerging manufacturing companies. But, there are thousands of ERP solutions available in the market, how to know which one is the best-fit?

The best way to find the suitable ERP solution for your industry is by answering simple questions, like is with the current ERP system:
  1. You are able to solve the daily challenges you are facing in your manufacturing unit
  2. You face issues with keeping records of inventory and stock
  3. You are able to trace the batches produced
  4. You are able to deliver the stuff on time
  5. You face difficulties while defining/re-defining the cost of the batches produced
  6. You are able to control and view all your business processes anytime, anywhere?
If the answer to most of your questions is a ‘No’, then your company is not that smart. And the sooner you realize this fact and adapt to the new digital world, the better.

How can the Smartness Incorporated in Your Manufacturing Unit?

The stepping stone to incorporate the smartness in your manufacturing unit is by adding an efficient ERP to your company, like SAP Business One. This ERP can transform all your No’s to the above questions to yes’ in much less time any other system can do.

SAP Business One, manufacturing ERP software, especially designed keeping in mind the daily needs and challenges of a manufacturing unit can help you embrace the journey towards improved and advanced business. Know the capabilities of the software mentioned below and understand what it can do for your company.

SAP Business One can streamline the manufacturing processes while empowering you to gain greater visibility and control over the entire business. Its mobile responsiveness lets you stay up to date with the business irrespective of your location. You can schedule shifts for the shop floor workers, carry out the lights out manufacturing, keep accurate data with finance and accounting while ensuring the optimum amount of stock in inventory and timely deliveries of the orders.No wonder to say, SAP Business One is the way to smart business, and the right SAP Business One partner is your guide.

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