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8 July 2020

Russian Spy Ship Participated in Cold War now is Luxury Super Yacht

In addition to the fact that she has a hull that can break the ice, Olivia owns a "monkey island", which reveals traces of her past from the Cold War period.

Espionage from the Cold War period is not so often associated with superyachts, but that's how Olivia started her life. Purchased by the Russian Navy in 1972, the yacht, which was converted into a luxury ship, still bears the markings of the place where sonar used to be, used to detect foreign submarines.

"Olivia was a commercial ship constructed in Finland, and then used as a research ship by the Russian army, allegedly monitoring the seabed. The fact is that it was a spy ship, "said Tim Vickers, the broker in charge of selling this ship.

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With his comfort today, the former Soviet spy hunted NATO submarines. With a hull that can break through even the thickest layers of ice, spanning 15,000 miles, Olivia has a platform that gives adventurers the opportunity to visit any part of the world, which is very popular today.

The four-year conversion project began in 2008, when the yacht gradually changed its purpose and appearance, becoming the epitome of luxury at the Finnish shipyard Oy Laivateollisuus. Its current owner bought it in 2010, turned the ship's office into a fifth guest cabin and raised it to the level of prestige it now possesses.

The interior is dominated by elements of rosewood, which perfectly accentuate the owner's art collection. He toured numerous locations around the world with her - Olivia visited Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and was one of the first yachts to enter the territory of Cuba, when the restrictions were relaxed in 2017.

The captain of this ship has his own cabin on the deck with a Jacuzzi. Its industrial exterior contrasts perfectly with the interior, which is characterized by a minimalist Scandinavian style. The whole ship exudes a warm ambience, which is accentuated by woody notes.

"Monkey Island", i.e. the very top of the yacht, was initially the deck for observation, and now it has become an open-air box, while the original compass is still there today.

The main suite of the yacht is located in the center of the ship, which is otherwise the most comfortable location for crossing the ocean. The apartment is small compared to those on yachts of similar configurations, but the spacious owner's bathroom with a deep oval tub compensates for everything you miss in that space.

The box on the main deck got a projector and a pop-up cinema screen, while on the upper deck there is a dedicated cinema hall. The whirlpool Jacuzzi offers enough space for 12 people, with plenty of sun loungers.

The research credentials of the yacht are additionally confirmed by a large crane located in its front part. The owner's tender limousine and Zodiac occupy the available space at the moment, but the crane allows the use of stronger tenders, if these are the wishes of the owner. With an additional, smaller crane on the upper deck and accommodation for 36 crew members, the opportunities for expeditions are truly generous.

Finally, we can say that this yacht can currently be purchased at a price of 27.2 million euros.

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