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8 July 2020

What Are the Different Types of Fashion Photography?

Fashion photography is a sought-after photography genre, but it is also significantly competitive. Understanding the different genres of fashion photography can give you the edge you need to build a strong foundation of the field, as well as impress potential clients with your images. Read on.

Catalogue Photography

Catalogue photography is perhaps most simple of the four fashion photography styles. Its main purpose is to promote a clothing line, and the focus is always on the outfit. It is often considered a good place to start in the field of fashion photography before heading on to some of the other styles.Catalogue photography basically is type offashion product photography. The main difference between catalogue photography and product photography is the requirement of a model. Even so, the focus remains majorly on the clothes.The background of the imagesis usually plain–white and grey colours with minimal accessories and few props.

High Fashion

High fashion is like a trend that people see frequently on the cover of famous magazines. But, from the photographer’s point of view, high fashion refers to all elements including hairstyles and location blended to develop a flawless image.This usually needs well-known supermodels in mostly exaggerated poses and sometimes unrealistic wardrobe.But, getting that flawless image of high fashion is quite the challenge. You must be preparedto constantly be confronted with difficult decisions related to location, lighting, models, hair, wardrobe and accessories. Finally, things need to be wrapped up in a waythatthe photo glamorous and appealing.

Street Fashion

Street fashion looks are more rugged in nature than high fashion. It consists of the kinds of attire people wear everyday like jeans, hoodies and shirts. It also requires models to wear dresses that look elegant but is comfortable at the same time. To capture street fashion images, most photographers prefer using a longer lens. In this manner, you can get photos from a distance without making people on the streets feel self-conscious about the shoot. Photographers of this genre, specialised in this street fashion style are engaged in shooting regular people on the street rather than models.

Editorial Fashion

This is fashion photography that deals with telling a story. You can find editorial fashion photography in magazine publications and newspapers. The images usually accompanied by text, which can be related to a wide variety of subjects. Editorial fashion images are usually part of a theme or concept thatis likely to relate to a particular designer or model. The main purpose here is to create a specific mood that can convey a story. These images might involve a single brand or several brands and can be of various styles of photographs, from close-ups to long-distance shots.

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