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11 August 2020

The Trend of Online Quiz Games

Quiz has been in practice since long in schools and colleges. It is used as a tool to test the knowledge and learning ability of a student. It encourages competitive learning among students. These are conducted in singles, doubles, or a team of any number. The questions are asked one by one. The team which answers the question correctly secures marks and in case of a wrong answer, or when one team is not able to answer, the question passes to the other team and so on. The team or the side with the higher score wins. Earlier it was conducted offline, now it can be conducted on online platforms also effectively and efficiently. Many online quiz games coming. One can select the best online quiz game and improve their learning and compete.

Importance of taking a quiz in a student's life-

Retrieval tests: The quiz allows us to test the retaining power of a person or a student. It helps in assessing if students can retain knowledge and use it and retrieve it on the spot. It tests the psychological level of a person. Also, by taking a quiz, whena person uses its previous knowledge. It helps them to retain things for the long term.

Identify gaps: Taking quizzes and regular tests help students to discover the gaps in their knowledge. They can easily analyze where they lack and where they need to improve their learning.

Makes them more productive: Quizzes allow students to become more productive and concerned. When they know that they will have to give the test about it, their retention is important, they will be more focused and be more productive.

Improves confident: The confidence of the students boosts.When they can give answers and get marks in the quiz, they become more confident. This also motivates them to learn more, explore more areas, and be more confident and improve.

Increases knowledge: When taking a quiz, students will have to go through topics in detail and explore new topics also to perform better in a quiz. This thus helps in increasing the overall knowledge of the students. This increases their horizon for knowledge.

Become more competitive: In the quiz, a person get scores, and the one with the highest mark wins. This makes them competitive. They aim at winning. This makes them work harder, perform better, and become more competitive.

Growth of personality: When a person competes, he/she becomes confident of themselves, they tend to grow overall. This changes their personality positively. They become more aware and active. They explore new areas, they compete, and they become better and grow.

More than ever, online quizzing is increasing. Anyone can easily take quizzes there anytime and anywhere at their convenience.

Benefits of online quizzing-

A large number of candidates: In online quizzing, a large number of candidates from around the globe can come together and compete. This helps in competing better and with better candidates. It becomes more competitive and huge.

Reduces cost and effort: Online quizzing reduces the overall cost related to the paper-based quiz. A lot of money gets used it set up and in organizing buzzers, papers, and other materials. However, in online quizzing, such costs get eliminated. Also, a lot of effort that otherwise would have gone in online quizzing is eliminated. Thus, it saves a lot of cost and effort.

Randomizing the questions and answers: In online quizzing, the questions and answers can be arranged randomly to avoid any chances of cheating or misconduct. This makes the process better and efficient. However, randomizing things in real and on paper becomes very hectic and messy. This makes it easy in this department.

Can operate without an instructor:Quizzes can be conducted online without any instructor. The instructions can be given online before the quiz and the quiz can be conducted automatically. This makes the entire process flexible and smooth.

Online checking and record: The answers can be checked through a computer only. There is no need for physical checking and record keeping. The answers can be checked and scores can be assigned as soon as the test gets completed. The record is also kept online and thus, there is no need for long physical records. It can be checked anytime and anywhere since it’s in physical form.

Easy modifications: With changing trends, and changing needs the questions and the pattern of the quiz can be easily modified and upgraded. This helps in keeping the quiz up to date and in excellent quality.

Increase computer literacy: With quizzes being conducted online, students will be forces to learn how it works. This can help in increasing awareness about using technology and making people more aware of online platforms.

Can take a test at their own pace: This reduces unnecessary pressure that students have to go through in a quiz. Students can move at their speed. They can answer questions at their own pace without any hurry. This reduces pressure makes them stress-free and allows them to take quiz easily and in comfort.

A new trend has emerged regarding earning money through online quizzes. In these games, a quiz is conducted and the winner gets cash prizes. What's better than this? A person can use their free time in playing these quizzes and earn money in no time. It's using the mind in the best way to earn money. Various such games have merged on the online platforms giving people a chance to use their knowledge, play online quiz and earn money. It motivates people to increase their knowledge to compete best in such games. People of any age group can play. There are different quizzes for people of different age groups. It acts as a motivator to learn more and more to compete better. This also ensures that people use their free time inplaying good games. It ensures that people don't waste their time in other useless activities. Thus, by combining a quiz with earning money, the trend of quizzes has been altogether altered. One can locate these quizzes on the online stores and play them anytime and anywhere.

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