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12 August 2020

Get Rid Of Man Boobs With These 5 Exercises

Breasts have been aligned with the attribute of a woman. But if you are a man yet you have boobs, that is very embarrassing. Are you also embarrassed about your man boobs? Well, you should be. However, boobs are quite common now a day with unhealthy food habits and fewer exercises. Moreover, this can grow into severe medical conditions that can affect your testosterone level.

Man boobs, or generally known as gynecomastia is a medical condition when a man starts to develop breasts. This is caused due to leading estrogen in the body of a male. However, this can be controlled. Research suggests that the majority of man boobs are the result of excess fat in the chest. And that can be controlled with proper diet and regular exercise. So, we have brought to you 5 major exercises to solve your boob problem.

Bench Press

Most of the gymnasiums and fitness trainers prefer this to reduce chest fat among males. The bench press is usually done with a barbell. You need to take your position and find the right weight for you. Kindly remember not to stretch your muscles out. Set the barbell on the rack and take a grip on the bar. Once you get a grip of it, lift it and breathe. Please note to follow the gym trainer's instructions while lifting and lowering the bar. Try working the small sets and gradually challenge yourself for more.

Pec Deck training

Pec Deck training is great for chest muscles. It is a system of sliding pins with weights. You need to adjust the handles at the same height as your chest and then just bring try to bring them closer. Keep your breathing normal while keeping your back arches. This will help you achieve the chest cuts as a man should have.

Bent-forward crossovers

This exercise is similar to that of pec deck training. However, there is a little modification. Instead of seating, you will do the exercise standing. All you have to do is stand in the middle of the machine and pull the weights towards you. While doing so, you need to exhale and inhale during release. You must focus on the leaning of your body so the cables are aligned with the chest muscles for proper care.

Dietary changes

Diet plays a vital role in fat control. Losing excess fat can be achieved by controlling the diet. But before you change the habits, make sure to consult with a podiatrist. They will be able to provide you with an accurate diet chart. However, for the starters, you can always curb the carbohydrates and work on protein diets. Vegetables and fruits also provide effective solutions to get rid of man boobs.

Push-ups and pull-ups

The most basic exercise to get rid of man boobs is to do push-ups and pull-ups. They help in retaining the upper body with core strength. This enables the body to metabolize at a faster rate and achieve well carved out chest muscles.

So, these are some of the exercises and practice routines to help you reduce the excess fat. It helps you to get rid of man boobs and save moments of embarrassment within the friend circle.

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