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4 November 2020

15 Best Workout Apps to Keep You Fit In 2020

In today’s stressful life, taking out some time from a busy day is essential to exercise and ensure proper fitness and wellness for your body. Thanks to the fantastic workout apps, which have made the workout a thing that can be done anytime and anywhere. With the best workout app on your phone or any other device, you can perform an easy and effective workout at home. Many workout apps are specifically designed for various purposes either yoga, stretching, or cable tricep extension training for women. 

Check this list of 15 best workout apps to keep you fit in 2020.

  • Workout Apps to Ensure Overall Fitness

  1. TopStrecthing: Online Fitness App

TopStretching is an ideal app that lets you train online under the guidance of expert trainers. You can trust this app to get the best workout tips, nutrition plans, and motivation. This is the best app for stretching and warm-up exercises and also helps you train in Calisthenics, Rhythmic gymnastics and many more. All those people who wish to flaunt the perfect ABS, lose weight, improve body flexibility, and ensure a strong build must try this app.

  1. Nike Training Club

This app is designed to give you all the tools, motivation, and guidance required to reach your fitness goals. With a series of effective workouts, in-depth nutrition tips, and advice from experts, this app helps you achieve results that last.

  1. Train Fitness AI

With this app, you can monitor your workout using your apple watch. Apart from this, you will also be able to access tons of exercises for your workout routine.

  1. My Fitness Pal

This amazing app lets you track your eating habits and then helps you in making healthier food choices. You just need to put in your current weight and the target weight that you aim to achieve, and this app will provide you with all the tools, advice, and motivation to reach your goal.

  1. 7 Minute Workout

This workout app provides you with simple, fast, and effective workout tips. The included exercises are simple to perform and give great results in a short time. The trainer teaches you to perform each movement correctly.

  • Best Apps for Running Activities

  1. Map My Run

This is an ideal app to keep track of all your runs. It helps you determine the distance covered, steps taken, the pace of the run, and the calories burnt. You can use this app for discovering new routes to cover every day.

  1. Strava

Strava employs GPS to track your run. This app can be used to make a strong social network where you can share your runs and workouts with your friends.

  • Strength Training Apps

  1. JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log

This exercise tracker app has detailed workout plans, downloadable HD exercise videos with instructions and tools to track your exercises. It employs the best weight training exercises.

  1. Sworkit

If you aim to lose weight, improve body flexibility, and gain muscle, then this app has effective workout programs that let you achieve these goals faster.

  • Best Apps for Yoga

  1.  Glo

With this app, you can get unlimited access to the most effective meditation techniques, yoga and fitness sessions. It allows you to practice live with members from all around the world.

  1. Yoga Studio

It comprises of HD video yoga classes and expert teacher instructions that are simple and easy to follow. It has a big library of yoga poses.

  • Best Apps for Women

  1.  Shock

This app lets you join a community of like-minded women who have an aim to get fitter and stronger. It comprises of a wide variety of downloadable live classes.

  1. Motify 

This app gives you access to unlimited workout classes. You can trust it for the best personal nutrition advice. It is ideal for stretching, meditation, pre- and post-natal, cardio, and more.

  • Full Body Workout Apps

  1. PEAR- Personal Fitness Coach

This app allows you to be trained by world champions and Olympians. It has an amazing workout video content for strength, yoga, running, and more.

  1. 30 Days Fitness App

It provides you with a personalized fitness plan based on your workout duration and target goals. It helps you transform your body in just 30 days.

You can try these amazing apps to make your body fit and strong.

You can also visit this website for more information about workout at home and gym - https://topstretching.me/

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