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18 November 2020

Ten Tips to Avoid Cyber Attacks & Online Frauds

According to the Cyber Security Insights Survey study conducted by the company Norton, a computer security expert, at least one out of three Internet users was a victim of cyber attacks or online frauds. With a few easy steps, how can we stop cyber attacks? In the following ten points, we explain this to you:

  • Establish strong passwords: you need to enter passwords that include numbers, letters in small and upper cases, and symbols on more and more web pages. This makes access to private accounts that we might have on social networks, emails or internet portals difficult for hackers to do any kind of online fraud.
  • Update passwords: For all accounts, do not use the same password and change it periodically 
  • Activate two-step verification : the permission request for a password is not the only key to open our profile in any account with this method. The inclusion of personal questions or the submission of a password to the mobile phone of the user may be another kind of validation.
  • Configure the security options : the privacy options of social networks such as Facebook or other websites on which we have a private profile must be monitored. We have the right to determine in this section what information is or is not publicly shown. 
  • It operates on our own computers and networks : How many times on third-party devices or WiFi networks have we consulted our bank data, recognizing that we are at risk of monitoring our movements? Do not use this form of network for major operations, such as Internet transfers or transactions.
  • Close session : If we have done using them, keeping our profiles open is risky and a good opportunity for hackers to strike. When you finish using them, log out, especially if you haven't opened them from your computers, thereby avoiding unexpected cyber threats. 
  • Activate a trusted antivirus : It is important that your computer is safe from any form of malware, even if you follow the above tips. They are free and cover much of the base user's needs. Avast Free Antivirus, Avira Antivirus and AVG Free are some of them to protect you from any potential online fraud.
  • Use original operating systems and update them : Whenever you get a notification, upgrade the app, whatever you use because the developers have new solutions to known vulnerabilities. 
  • Download only from official sites : Games, applications, apps...... Do it from trusted pages, whatever you download. When using programs downloaded from unknown or unsafe sites, paying a small price for it will protect you for some kind of unpredictable problem
  • Always be suspicious : Typically, when opening an email, clicking on a link or providing information that ends up causing us a problem, we fall without almost understanding any fake or dangerous content.

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