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7 December 2020

Payroll Software: Benefits, Features & Much More!

One of the best things that happened in this digital era is the corporate world choosing automated software tools over manual methods. More than 500 businesses in India have already implemented automation and technology. As a result, HR processes such as payroll management are no longer a nightmare for HR professionals.

Need to mention, payroll systems have changed the way payroll was managed and transferred earlier. Using payroll management software, HRs can now streamline as well as optimize the whole payroll process in just a few clicks.

With the ever-increasing demand for payroll management systems in the Indian market, it is important to have a clear understanding of such systems. In this article, we will tell you everything about payroll systems you should know about. Let’s dive in!


- Provides Accuracy

HR managers pay maximum attention to the payroll process to make sure no mistakes are made; however, it is not as simple as it sounds. While working with manual methods, there is always room for errors. On top of that HR managers also end up making human errors due to their work pressure and deadlines.

Talking about payroll software, it allows HRs to be tension-free about mistakes. Since such systems are automated, it carries out the payroll process with a bare minimum of human involvement. Now, less human intervention clearly means less risk of payroll errors.

- Improves HR’s Productivity

As discussed in the earlier point, payroll software manages the whole payroll process on its own. But, when it comes to outdated tools, they make this routine process slow as well as inefficient. As a result, HRs spend a large chunk of time and effort. This usually drains their efficiency levels, thereby keeping them away from other vital operations. On the contrary, payroll systems let HR professionals complete the payroll management process in just a few clicks.

Using the right software, HR managers will never have to waste time on double-checking entries, repetitive admin work, etc. that means HRs can invest their time and energy in more productive areas of the business.

- Ensures Compliance

Let’s admit it, payroll is a long, tedious, and time-consuming HR process. Considering the same, it becomes acutely complicated for HR managers to make sure that their payroll management is compliant with the changing legal requirements. This is when payroll software comes into the picture! A payroll system is an efficient way to ensure compliance in the long run. Such systems send timely alerts to the HR department whenever a law is made or changed. This ultimately avoids non-compliance and its costly consequences such as fines and legal cases.


In order to acquire the advantages mentioned above, a payroll system should have the following features:

- Cloud-Based Interface

Go for cloud-based payroll software as it will provide you with 100% data security. The software will significantly cut down the use of paperwork in the workplace, thus making the payroll process more efficient. Besides, it will also prevent risks of data theft, misplacement, misappropriation, and much more.

- Employee Self-Service

ESS or employee self-service is one of the must-have features in a payroll system. It is particularly designed to empower employees. This feature offers employees the autonomy to view and edit several simple tasks. That means employees will be able to edit their personal information, check their attendance, download their payslips, and more, without having to disturb their HR managers.

- Direct Deposit

In a traditional office, HR managers prepare checks for their employees that take a lot of time. Besides, employees also waste their precious time by visiting banks to clear their salary checks. This can eventually lead to employee dissatisfaction and disengagement. Fortunately, payroll software solves this problem as well. The best payroll software in India comes with a direct deposit feature that allows companies to transfer the salaries of their employees in a matter of minutes.  The software knows how much an employee is going to earn over the course of time after processing the data that was fed to it.

We have come to the conclusion!

We hope this blog helped you gain a better understanding of payroll systems. Now, that you have ample reason to implement one for your company, make sure you are investing in the right payroll software.

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