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23 December 2020

Will Fat Transfer Improve Women's Confidence?

Fat is a kind of nutrient. It was formed with the help of macromolecular or long-chain fatty acid called lipids, which the body can’t produce. This is used to join three molecules called triglyceride. Our body itself will provide the fats but some should be taken by eating healthy foods. These essential fats consist of Omega-3 that is presented in fish and Omega-6 is in nuts, seeds, etc.

What are the different types of fats?

Fats can be classified into three different categories which are explained below with their functionalities.

  • Unsaturated fats

Humans should take this fat, and fat transfer to vulva in Punjab is doing well, it helps to reduce heart problems and maintains low cholesterol level in the body. This treatment forms double or triple fat in the middle of the molecules. At room temperature, it will be in the form of a liquid type of oil and also presented in solid food. Again this fat is divided into monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.  

  • Saturated fats

Human beings have to reduce these fats. Too much of these fats will affect your body like it will increase heart problems, gain weight, and other health issues. It is taken from animal foods. Butter, meat, lard, and some oil also have these types of fats.   

  • Trans fats    

These types of fats will get some health issues. It gets divided into two bases like naturally occurring from non-veg food with improper digestion and artificially occurring by the industrial process. This can be also formed in baked foods, fried dishes, and processed food items. 

How to recover fat transfer?

When the age increases for women the skin will also loosen in the face, breast, vulva, and in some other parts. This will result in appearing like sunken skin, and that place alone will be reflected aged or wrinkled. The cosmetic procedures of fat transfer to vulva in Punjab can cure the loosen skin. The fat transfer surgery will take nearby 45 minutes under anesthesia in the operation theatre. 

  • After the completion of the surgery, the patients should take rest inward for 3 to 4 hours to get a discharge. From the next day onward, they can able to do all household activities. There will be no marks or stitches presented in the body.

  • After the operation, the patients will feel swelling for a few days and it will be automatically resolved.

  • The fat transferred area must be handled very carefully. It should not be rubbed with the hands for 2 weeks.

  • It needs only a one-time checkup after 3 to 4 days.


By the above steps you can recover from this problem with the fat transfer to vulva in Punjab and many such places are performing such kind of treatment effectively for women. 

What are the benefits of fat transformation?

This fat transformation will change the aged women to a younger age. It gives more confidence in intimate moments and also increases self-esteem in some cases. Some benefits of this surgery which will improve the functionality,

  • Reduce anxiety about the appearance

  • Rise in the confidence level

  • Increases in the satisfaction of tightening skin.

Within four to five days a woman can continue to go to the office regularly without any pain. Use an ice pack during the time of swelling to reduce it completely.  

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