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12 February 2021

Keeping your Baby Away from Germs at Bay

In the modern era, where everything is made of chemicals, do you find you’re newborn safe and healthy?

This concern leads to boggling of mind with many questions:

  • How will I provide immunity to my baby naturally?
  • What will I do if my child gets attacked by harmful bacterial or viral infections?
  • What can be the side effect of vaccines?
  • At what time the vaccine should be given?

Parenthood is the most beautiful gift of nature that always keeps on giving. However, along with the joys of parenthood, there comes a plethora of unusual duties and responsibilities. And one of the major concerns for newly turned parents is that is their baby safe from unwanted infections and microbes.

So how do I keep my baby safe and healthy? As we all are aware of the fact that infants are very delicate and feeble beings. Not only they are cute, sensitive but also they are vulnerable. Newborn babies are yet to develop the very robust immune system that keeps their human body away from dangerous health ailments. The day your newborn will turn into an adult, the strong immunity will help them to withstand all harmful environmental pollutants.

So it’s confirmed that newly born’s are very vulnerable to infections, chemicals, parabens.

The products that you might be using in the daily life for your baby can be harmful, despite of being safe for grown-ups.

So, newly turned parents need to spend on high-quality, natural, and organic chemical-free skincare products.

When our parents were living in the rural environment, then there was very little need to take care of the babies from the harmful environmental pollutants, parabens, and chemicals. However, with the passing time, things began to change because in today’s rampant pollution world there is a higher risk to the health and skin of the baby-making him prone to incurable diseases.

Almost every product you will find in the market available will be loaded with chemicals that can make your baby's skin deadly.

Babies are very fond of playing with the things they see in and around their surroundings. Infants and toddlers can inhale any sort of item. This makes parents more anxious and they start to behave in a very overprotective manner.

That’s why it’s important for parents to understand the meaning of nature. Instead of being anxious parents need to opt-out of the 100% organic and chemical free products for their infant. The products should be natural so that even the fruits and vegetables can be cleaned before they are mashed into a healthy meal for your munchkin.

This will ensure your child’s safety with no fear on the face of nourishers.

Some Measures to avoid infections

 - Breast milk is the best diet for your infant

  • Washing of the hands thoroughly 
  • Usage of disposable tissues
  • Try keeping your baby's area safe.
  • Stay away from the people who are unwell. No fear on the face of nourishers.

Be sure your baby is given all the required vaccines. Immunization protects your child from life-threatening disorders.

List of ingredients for your baby’s safety.

  • Aloe Vera –The use of aloe Vera as a prime ingredient in all your munchkin’s requirements like fruits and toys will keep him protected from germs.
  • Mangifera indica (mango)- A very strong nature-based cleanser that is best for the cleaning and sanitation of soft, healthy and delicate skin.
  • Lime drops-This citrus fruit easily eliminates all the germs that can be taken in by the newly born.

Before it gets too late remedial measures need to be implemented.

Parents should understand that the environment we are living is not-at-all infection-free. So, prefer taking your infant to a village or any farm, when your toddler turns one, an experience that states this practice has shown contraction in the scale of infections.

Remember babies are very active. They have bang-on listening skills of the animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, fishes.

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