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2 April 2021

Serverwala VPS Hosting: Easy to Host Your Multiple Websites in China


VPS hosting is one of the most popular hosting solutions for online website businesses. As your online business starts growing the need of hosting multiple websites also increases as well. This can be done by using VPS hosting and this is why more and more business owners in China are choosing VPS hosting over other hosting solutions.

Since the demand for VPS hosting is increasing, the VPS hosting providers are also increasing. This is both a good and bad thing, as people get more options, at the same time, they have to choose the best from the available options. This can be hard and no one wants to end up choosing a VPS provider that can't meet their expectations or needs.

This is where you need outside help and we come into the picture. In this article, we are going to tell you more about VPS hosting China and why it is needed to host multiple websites. We are also going to tell you the best VPS provider- Serverwala in China.

What Does it Mean to Host a Website with VPS Hosting China?

A Virtual Private Server is one of the most popular and leading hosting solutions to find.

If you own a website, you are going to need a server to make sure the visitors get access to your website, no matter where they are. There are several types of hosting solutions available and each one serves different services.

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a type of hosting where you get a part of the big server, that part would act as an individual server. You will own that entire part of the server without having to share that space with any other website.

This means you can have the features of a dedicated server as you get an isolated space as well as resources to use for yourself only.

With VPS hosting, you can host multiple websites on the server as you get all the needed resources and space for yourself.

Clients also get many other features with VPS so that they can easily run their websites on the server, without spending that much money. So getting a VPS hosting seems like a smart move for someone who wants to host multiple websites.

You should know that the VPS hosting services vary from one provider to another, so you may have to put more effort into choosing the right VPS provider.

Choose Serverwala VPS Hosting China to Host Your Business

When it comes to the best VPS Hosting provider in China, Serverwala should be your first choice.

Serverwala has been providing data center solutions to growing online businesses for quite some time now and they have impressed their clients with good features and services.

Serverwala is known for its reliability, improved performance, and high security. It has served millions of customers so far and they have all the good things to say about the company. It has also proved itself by winning multiple awards for its amazing services and performance.

Not only Serverwala provides reliability and top-notch services, but buy clients also love it for their economical prices and budget-friendly plans and packages.

Serverwala- Best VPS Hosting Provider in China

There are several VPS hosting providers in China, but you would find Serverwala as the best one among them. Why? Well, there is a huge list of features and services that you would get with Serverwala and their VPS hosting plans and packages.

You would be able to customize the services and make sure you meet the needs of your websites. You would be able to use the resources as per your needs. Serverwala also offers 24/7 customer support, so you would be able to contact them whenever it is necessary.

Best Plans and Packages of Serverwala VPS Hosting China

One of the reasons why Serverwala is a popular VPS Hosting provider in China is because of its economical plans and packages.

Serverwala offers a wide range of plans and packages where customers can easily find what they have been looking for so far.

You can have a look at the plans and packages offered by Serverwala, and find the best one for yourself.

Serverwala Linux VPS Hosting China Plan

Serverwala Windows VPS Hosting China Plan

Some Features of Serverwala VPS Hosting in China

As we have mentioned before, Serverwala comes with a long list of features for its VPS Hosting. Some of them are the following:

24/7 Customer Support

One of the perks of getting Serverwala VPS hosting China is that you will have full-time customer support. Their team would assist you with any issue you are facing and make sure it gets resolved quickly. Contacting them would be easy too, as you can send a ticket or have a live chat whenever you need.

High Network Speed

Serverwala offers a high network speed, which helps you to quickly load the websites or also reduce the loading time of visitors as well. This would make your website run more effectively and efficiently as well.

Full Root Access

With Serverwala VPS hosting, customers get full root access. So they would have full control over the server as well as can easily install the needed software or applications without any restrictions.

99.99% Uptime

Your website would take very little time to load and this would help to gain more visitors as well. This is done because they supply redundant power and continuous secure channels. Customers would get more network flexibility and higher uptime with zero downtime as well.

More Security

Serverwala offers full protection from DDoS attacks and creates a secure environment for their customers. This makes sure you would feel more secure and there would be less to worry about malware and cybersecurity threats for your websites.

Benefits of VPS Hosting in China are as Follows


1. Better Performance

One of the biggest benefits of VPS Hosting in China is that you will get better performance.

With a shared server, you will have to share everything, from the server space to the resources. So this affects the performance of your website.

The performance of other websites on the server can also affect the performance of your website.

2. It Can Handle the Huge Traffic Surge

VPS hosting is also a better option when it comes to handling the increased traffic surge for your website. It would be much better than a shared server as the other websites won't lower their performance.

3. It's Cost-Effective

One of the reasons why people opt for VPS hosting is because it is a cost-effective solution. You get your private server space and also dedicated resources just like the dedicated server at a cheaper price.

4. More Secured

VPS hosting is much more secure than shared server hosting. You will get security with the hosting plans.

5. Flexible

VPS hosting is very flexible, as customers can easily customize the features and make sure that the website can meet its needs.


We can say that VPS hosting is much needed in China right now, especially for small businesses and e-commerce websites. And Serverwala is a good VPS hosting provider to invest your money in. So switching to VPS hosting plans might be a smart move for your online business or to host multiple websites or web applications.

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