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19 May 2021

Apply for a Sole Representative Visa for a Real Estate Business in the UK

The UK has emerged to be the most profit-making market in the world. It has given constant Value-added advantages to its investors and businesses. Even in the post-Brexit period, the nation has been offering ample opportunities to overseas passionate business owners to set up their subsidiary or a branch in the UK market.

Is the UK Sole representative visa for you?

Suppose you want to move an already established real estate business to the UK either as a branch or its subsidiary. In that case, you may need to know if the UK Sole representative visa is applicable for you or not, and you are meeting with all sole representative visa guidance.

You're eligible to apply for a Sole Representative visa if:

  1. The business is actively trading and fully-functional
  2. You meet financial requirements to sustain the business
  3. The headquarter branch is operational in the overseas market
  4. The organization is owned by a parent firm
  5. The parent organization is credible in the overseas market, skilled, knowledgeable, and has the resources to work.
  6. The organization has a Sole representative to make decisions on behalf of the parent organization.
  7. A sole representative is any senior manager or an HR manager who has enough skills and experience to make decisions for the organization and hire skilled foreign nationals to work for the organization.
  8. A sole representative could also be an employee of a newspaper, news agency, or broadcasting company outside the UK.
 Checklist of documents

  1. Your passport. Make sure it has blank pages, else you would have to apply for a fresh passport.
  2. All your travel documents
  3. Proof of your identity and the relationship with dependants
  4. Details of your accommodation in the UK
  5. Proof of English proficiency test
  6. Your tuberculosis test results, if applicable.
  7. A brief account of your organization, its assets, liabilities, and other account details.
  8. A letter clarifying the company's intention to set up a branch or a subsidiary in the UK.
  9. The job role of a sole representative, salary, and proof you can make independent decisions on behalf of the parent company.
  10. Proof of the employment of a sole representative and that you are employed outside the UK and would solely be working for the parent company.
Have a clear business plan as a sole representative

To obtain a UK sole representative visa, you will need to grasp your business plan. A weak, unclear vision of the business leads to visa rejection. It may be interesting to take the help of an immigration solicitor before deciding to present your business plan.

What is a business plan?

A business plan is your explicit intention stating why your business should be set up in the UK. You must highlight that the business is fully functional and trading. The headquarters must be overseas where principal operations are held.

Most importantly, a business plan should have a clear voice that stands out to get the UK sole representative visa.

An expert immigration solicitor will guide you through the various stages of the business plan through the following:

  1. Telephonic review and consultation – an informal discussion about you, your business, and the purpose of the business plan.
  2. Drafting the business Plan Usually, it takes 3-4 weeks to complete the draft business plan. It depends on the complexity of the project, initial information, and additional information if needed.
  3. Reviewing the Business PlanAfter careful consideration, a well-spun business plan is made, reviewed and sent.

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