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9 July 2021

A Guideline To Making The Product Successful In A Fierce Market Competition

The cosmetic products primarily nail polishes are gaining immense value among the female audience due to their striking colors, smooth textures, mystic formulas, and neat finishing. Women love painting their hands and toenails with vibrant colors to their beauty. Choosing the different shades of nail polishes on the basis of their long-lasting and quick-drying nature is important, but making the product choice on the basis of its packaging can be a real game-changer. The packaging of the nail polishes can make a remarkable difference in the buyer’s satisfaction. However, if you own a cosmetic brand that deals in providing a diverse range of color choices for nail polishes, make your brand create a unique distinction from the others by presenting the flamboyant shades of nail polishes in customized packaging. 

Follow a simple yet unique packaging guideline to make the brand’s mark among the scores of other competitors in the market. 

Give a considerable amount of attention to the packaging material 

No doubt, customer purchase behavior is primarily based on the quality of the packaging material in which a certain product is packaged. For the cosmetic product like nail polishes that in extremely delicate in nature should be packaged in superior quality Nail Polish Boxes that prevents the fragile bottles of the nail polishes from all sorts of damage and breakage. A little crack on the packaging or the product can be a cause of repulsion for customers towards the product. Brands failing to focus their attention on the high-quality packaging will result in losing customer’s interest in the product which will cast a poor brand impact on customers. 

However, make sure to pick the packaging material that is durable and long-lasting and keep the fragile nail polish bottles away from damage under every circumstance. Also, consider using a material that is flexible enough to get shaped, styled, and sized as per the product requirement. Top-notch packaging materials such as cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, and cardstock make the perfect material choice for nail polish boxes that will protect the product’s quality from damage during its presentation and even during transit. 

Choose the best packaging style for presenting the nail polishes

A product packaged and presented in unique style packaging is more likely to get a female’s attention as compared to an ordinary packaging style. The multi-shades of nail paints when displayed or presented in attractive packaging styles will hold more attention of the females and encourage them for impulsive purchase. Packaging the nail paints in different packaging styles such as tuck-end style, seal-end style, sleeve style, display style, and window style will make the product more notice worthy and instantly capture the buyer’s attention. These unique packaging styles holding different shades of nail paints will add more appeal to the product and convince the buyers for making a purchase decision. 

Regardless of the style opted for the nail polish boxes, make sure to get them sized and shaped according to the product requirement to make them look more compelling and attractive. 

Consider using the high-color printing techniques

Females incline more towards the packaging that is well creatively designed and offers high packaging quality. For custom-made boxes, make sure to use high-color printing techniques such as offset, digital, and flexography techniques that give the best-printed outlook to the packaging boxes. High-color printing on the nail polish boxes will give an added value to the product and grabs more attention.

Creatively customize the nail polish boxes

Regardless of the type of printing technique used for printing different designs on the nail polish packaging, make sure to add creative and appealing designs on the packaging boxes to make them more attractive and captivating. The nail polish boxes can be customized with bespoke images, captivating themes, appealing prints, and eye-catching colors that will make the product more visually attractive and captures more attention. Moreover, the boxes can also be customized with product-specific details such as color, long-lasting period, expiry, and warning labels, etc. that will help customers in picking the right product. To make the product more visually attractive, different finishing applications such as lamination, glossing, coating, and foiling can be applied to the boxes which will capture the audience’s attention with its striking outlook. 

Add attractive packaging features into the packaging

Adding unique add-on features such as window, inserts, or die-cuts to the customized nail polish boxes will create a unique packaging distinction and set the brand ahead of the competitors. 

Following this unique packaging guideline while getting customized boxes will add more value to the product and give a strong competitive edge to all the spectators in the market. 

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