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13 July 2021

8 Tips To Find The Best Manufacturer For Made In Vietnam Shoes


People these days are concerned about their footwear as much as they are about their clothes. They want to look different from the rest of the crowd and let their outfit speak for their personality. Within their budget, they want the best for every occasion. And being a shoe brand, it becomes your responsibility to have an exciting range of made in Vietnam shoes for every demand.

Moving forward, the only way to meet the needs of your target audience is to hire the best shoe manufacturer, which is not easy to find. So, how are we going to do it? By simply following the tips mentioned in this piece on factors to consider before hiring a shoe manufacturer.

8 Tips To Find The Best Manufacturer For Made In Vietnam Shoes

As we talk about the shoe industry, do you know that the global footwear market size was valued at $207.6 billion in 2018? According to a report, this value has grown and is expected to increase further in the coming years. 

Now, the rise in the footwear industry has allowed many entrepreneurs to become manufacturers, which made the job to find the best one for your brand difficult. 

So, to make this hunt smoother, here is this section with effective tips on choosing a suitable shoe manufacturer for your company:

  • As you want to sell the best made in Vietnam shoes to your customers, you need to consider the location of your manufacturer first. You must be able to visit their factory easily whenever you want.

  • The next and most important thing you need to check is the technology they use to produce your desired range of footwear. The manufacturer must have an updated collection of machines to work efficiently and impress their client. 

  • You should know the number of employees working in the factory. It will help you know if the manufacturer can meet the deadlines or not. Furthermore, you will get an idea if they will work in order or hustle to avoid mistakes in deliveries. 

  • Before you hire a manufacturer for a made in Vietnam shoes range, go through their experience. Have they been working for a long time in this industry? If yes, don't hesitate to hire them because they know the industry well. They know what the population wants and work according to the changing trends by staying updated all the time.

  • Now, if you want to rule the footwear market, you must know the quality of material your manufacturer uses. It needs to be up to the mark for your customers to trust you and bring enough business to enjoy profits. 

  • Are they punctual? You must have an answer to this question if you want to work smoothly in the market. If your manufacturer is not good at meeting deadlines, it will affect your business a lot because you will fail to meet your customer's requirements on time and leave them disappointed.

  • Having an idea about the reputation of your manufacturer is essential. You cannot work with someone who has a record of leaving their clients disappointed. You should know about the quality of their services with their communication skills and various necessary factors. 

  • In the end, you should know how much they will charge for their services. If you find them reasonable, you can consider them to be a part of your success journey, or else you should look for someone within your budget.

As you will consider these points carefully, you will have the best footwear manufacturer for your brand, who will understand your needs well and deliver you exactly what you want to please your target audience.

Who To Choose For Made In Vietnam Shoes?

Knowing your love for shoes, many manufacturers claim to be the best. But, the one you can actually trust with your brand is Innolux Footwear. Their years of experience have made them offer the best designs and work according to the changing trends. 

They know how the footwear industry works and offer the best advice whenever you need it. The manufacturer is reasonable and punctual. You can rely on their services and give them a call to share all the essential details to start the production. 

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