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9 August 2021

How Can You Store Macaron by Using Custom Macaron Packaging?

Introduction of the custom packaging for macaron

Basically, the sweet and delectable small macarons are not biscuits, but the sweetest delicacy looks hard but having a creamy soft texture inside. Such types of delectable small cake-like confectioneries are created for those who love to eat more sweets. Its originated in France and now popular in all the region of the world. All most of all, confectioners must add these small sweet confections to their product line. However, to create the best first impression on the customer perfect display is required. Now every baker must focus on providing the display that grabs the attention of the customers even from far away. In this condition, the confectioners only need custom macaron packaging that is created as per the customer's preferences. To know these packaging solutions in detail, you need to read the further article.


Custom packaging ideas for amazing macaron

There are confection brands that have amazing ideas for their product packaging design and style. So, when they add such ideas to the macaron packaging, the overall look of the boxes and packs creates an attractive image. However, these sorts of packaging solutions also make the relevancy of the product with the brand. Here are few amazing ideas that turn your simple box into the brand spokesperson. To check the best quality and custom macaron packaging wholesale, you are required to find a high-quality packaging supplier like the city of packaging.

Various styling options for the macaron boxes

All the mentioned details describe how you can create unique and creative packaging for the macarons.
Coopered lid boxes for custom boxes

A versatile form of confectionery packaging that adds a twist to the opening part of the box is coopered lid boxes. You can observe at the big confectioners they always try to amaze the customers with unique as well as luxurious amendments. So, this sort of packaging is available for such brands. When the small, colourful, and sensitive macarons are placed inside the coopered lid boxes, the customer gets influence by its opening and assumes the inside product is of high quality. So, you need to use the custom packaging option to create your coopered lid macaron boxes.

Drawer boxes for amazing unboxing

Another way to make your customer astonish when they open the macaron box is by assigning a unique drawer-like style. Basically, this style is versed as sleeve boxes. However, the boxes in this style look exclusive and also add glory to the inside products. Add to this when you add the twist of design and style, it would be double the impact of your brand in front of the customers. For such type of packaging, you need to go for the custom printing options. It means the custom printed macaron boxes with the drawer shape are amazing for the macarons.

Two-piece boxes for secure packaging

This type of box shape is common, and after the tuck-end boxes, the two-piece macaron boxes are used by various bakers. However, to create the differentiation, they go with custom designing. It means the colors, logo, font, and other printable dimensions are quite different and unique. Such type factors help the brands to create the impact of differentiation without changing the structure of the boxes.

Gable boxes with windows for clear display

Another unique packaging solution for the macarons is the gable box style. When you see the box, you can observe there is something different yes, the box has a handle for easy carrying and a lock that provides a full seal to the products. However, the annexation of the window on the box makes it more adorable, and when the customer sees the colourful pink, white, purple, cyan colour macaron from that little window, it portrays a great image. And they feel bound to purchase the product at once.

Tube shape boxes for tight packaging

All and one who eats macaron know well that macaron is commonly available in round shape. So to pack them tightly, tube shape boxes are also available. These boxes are also known as cylindrical boxes and look impressive. When you have to manage the small shelve space at that time, the tube shape boxes are considered a good packaging solution. These types of boxes are available with printing designs or clear windows as per the need of the customers.

Final thoughts

The designs that are detailed above are only available for the customer who choose the custom macaron packaging boxes. Because the supplier who offers premade packaging solution does not allow the customer to design their packaging by self, they are bound to select the packaging solution from the available options. Contrary to this, the vendors who offer macaron packaging boxes with the custom designing option allow the bakers to contribute to designing with their ideas. Add to this to make the boxes affordable, and they offer macaron boxes wholesale with quantity discounts and offers.

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