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3 August 2021

How nice would it be to order a Homemade cake from Online Bakeries?

Nowadays, the strict conditions dictated by different diets are difficult to meet, especially for a larger guest. There are many sensitivities and allergies that can arise between guests, so ordering a vegan cake can be a good choice - we will be happy to make it for you! If you are expecting an insulin-resistant, diabetic, or just dieting guest, ordering a sugar-free cake may be the solution.

As you can see, we try to meet most needs in our patisserie. Although a custom cake order is available in many places in Budapest, we believe that the real, homemade cake order at the birthday cake delivery in Jalandhar, the light, cooked creams, the “home” flavors surpass all of them!

Homemade cakes for birthdays

The birthday is the culmination of the event when the celebrant receives his birthday cake and can blow out the candle. On occasions like these, in the case of birthday cakes, it is certainly not permissible for anything to spoil the experience.

Unfortunately, using vegetable, hydrogenated cream, additives, and industrial substitutes can make beautiful cakes that only disappoint after slicing… If you want to prevent this, you prefer to place your vote for a guaranteed quality homemade cake.

Birthday cake ordering for kids? The question arises as to whether shape, favorite character, natural ingredients or taste should be more important.

Luckily, at birthday cake delivery in Jalandhar, you don’t have to choose: the casual designer cakes are also amazingly delicious!

If you have tasted delicious! Professional cake making according to your needs

Online Cake Delivery Stores have been designed so that we can make the cake according to your order with handicrafts and homemade procedures within 2-4 days. From natural ingredients, we bake the dough with a lot of love and attention, cook light, delicious creams so that you only have to take care of the serving.

If you need a larger cake, such as a 24-slice cake, or you might want to choose more flavors, you might want to consider ordering a layered cake. If you want to place a larger horizontal decoration on the cake, such as a photo, you can also shape a piece of cake into a 30-slice cake. But for a cake this big, it’s worth considering designing two floors instead. The tall cakes are very imposing and have a special effect!

Finally, it is worth keeping the opportunity in mind. Also at a family event, but at a wedding, it is definitely a nice gesture to pack a little travel food for the guests from the cake. It is also worth counting on the birthday cake for young children so that even the next day even a festive snack will come out of it for the tight family. A delicious rehearsal will uplift the little celebrated and family atmosphere the next day!

In contrast, at a corporate event, taking care of the remaining slices of cake is an extra task, so it's worth counting more narrowly there, with 1 slice per guest.

  • In the case of rural delivery, we give a unique price for delivery. Inquire by phone!
  • You should place your order at least 2 days before delivery.
  • For faster administration, please place your order by phone!
  • When ordering, the following information is required: name, telephone number, exact address/floor, door, etc.

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