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17 August 2021

How to Understand Why a Failure Occurs When You Press the Accelerator

 Usually, additional signs of a problem display the source of the malfunction - for example, a reluctant engine start depicts the problem in the spark plug. An essential criterion is when the problem manifests itself. If you notice that the engine "spins" in a non-linear way, like if some opposing force is interfering with the set of revolutions, most likely the reason behind such occurrence will be clogged fuel or air filter. 

If the vehicle "jerks" while accelerating with a smooth opening of the throttle, as well as when pressed more intensively - sharply "shoots" - jerks are generally because of lack of fuel. Dips during fuel refueling and prolonged gas pedal pressing, with difficulty in starting a cold engine, indicate a malfunction in one or more spark plugs. If you face one of the issues mentioned above, the best and easiest way to eliminate such malfunction is by contacting a professional car repair Bangalore. 

The spark plugs that the car is equipped with from the factory are usually more durable than the spare ones on sale. Therefore, it is always recommended to do the second and subsequent replacements at a shorter interval. 

It also happens that sometimes, the problem of loss of throttle response, jerks, and step acceleration are not because of malfunction in the engine's operation. Cars that have an automatic transmission, this is how strong wear is manifested. You can easily notice such problems while switching during acceleration.  Firstly a second delay occurs while changing acceleration without touching the gas pedal, then a push happens and acceleration. 

For cars with an LPG fuel system, such a problem surfaces when the gas reducer or sensor breaks down. In such cases, the vehicle starts consuming two to three times more gas.

 Generally, diesel car engines provide an adequate response to vigorous pressing on the gas pedal. When car owners refuel the compartment with low-quality diesel fuel with a high sulfur composition or a type of fuel that does not suit the season, it greatly aggravates. 

Gas dips during acceleration 

Whenever a car accelerates, the load on the engine increases, which requires an increase in the air-fuel mixture, so most of the problems that cause acceleration failure is related to lack of air or fuel. In such cases, it is recommended to contact car repair Bangalore and perform a comprehensive check of the fuel pump condition, rail pressure, filters, and spark quality (in a gasoline engine). 

In used cars, when you press the acceleration pedal intensively, they often delay opening the intake manifold flaps. Such problems are purely mechanical. Due to age and vigorous operations, the collector starts growing from the inside with a thick layer of oil soot. It is easy to remove such grease by cleaning the swirl flaps in the intake manifold, like the EGR valve. However, such a procedure must be performed physically and programmatically in a certified service. 

About the Company 

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