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24 August 2021

Why Radha and Krishna Couldn't Marry?

The true story of immortal love, the story of Krishna-Radha has always been a matter of curiosity. For example, love stories like Radha-Krishna meeting and parting have been very popular among the followers of the Hindu religion for centuries. While other gods and goddesses related to Hinduism are more known for their miracles, Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is more popular among his followers because of his Raslila and Premlila.

Whenever the name of love is taken, the name of Lord Shri Krishna and Radha is taken first, rather this culmination of love can be gauged from the fact that Radha's name is taken before Shri Krishna. Apart from this, even after having sixteen thousand eight wives, Radha Rani's name is chanted with Shri Krishna first, but still, Radha and Krishna could never meet. The reason for this was a curse. Let us tell you a story described in Brahma Vaivarta Purana.

The immortal love story of Radha and Krishna started from their childhood, but after being completely devoted to each other, even after loving each other, they could not become husband and wife, only lovers. Remained as a girlfriend. While Krishna married Rukmini, there was never much mention about where Radha went missing in the meantime. Their love story is so famous that many temples with Radha Krishna marble statues are built across the world. But today we are going to tell you some such things related to the life of Radha-Krishna and Rukmini, which you may have never heard about before:

1. There is no doubt that Radha was born on this earth as an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and we all know that Krishna was an incarnation of Vishnu. Goddess Lakshmi herself had said that she would not be married to anyone other than Vishnu. In such a situation it is worth noting that then surely Radha must have married Krishna. It is said that Brahma himself got Radha and Krishna married in a forest.

2. According to mythology, Krishna had married Rukmini, but many questions arise when one thinks about why this marriage happened. It is said that like Radha, Rukmini wanted Krishna to be her life partner since childhood, but her brother had fixed her marriage with Shishupala. In such a situation, Rukmini wrote a letter to Krishna and told him that if she was not married to Krishna, she would die. How and why did Krishna agree to marry her to save her life, without ever having met Rukmini before?

3. The reason behind this decision of Krishna is that it is believed that both Radha and Rukmini were the same. Rukmini is considered to be the spiritual incarnation of Radha. That is why where the mention of Radha arises, there is no mention of Rukmini, and where the name of Rukmini is mentioned, there is no mention of Radha.

4. According to Garga Samhita, Shri Krishna's father often used to take him to the nearby village of Bhandir. Once he was playing in his father's lap when suddenly the bright light flashed and the weather started deteriorating, in no time only darkness fell all around. A transcendental personality was experienced in this darkness, she was none other than Radha Rani. Leaving his child form, Shri Krishna assumed the form of a teenager and in this forest, Brahma ji got Radha-Krishna married in the presence of Vishakha and Lalita. After marriage, the atmosphere returned to normal, Radha Brahma, Vishakha and Lalita disappeared and Krishna returned to his child form.

5. According to another legend, a Gopi named Jatila lived in a Jawat village. Radha was married to Jatila's son Abhimanyu according to Yogmaya's orders, but due to Yogmaya's influence, Abhimanyu could never even touch Radha's shadow.

6. In the words of Srila Prabhupada, the love relationship between Radha-Krishna is called 'Parakiya'. Both of them never married, but the love of these childhood friends is immortal. The highest form of love in the spiritual world is called 'Parkiya'. The meaning of Parakiya is love, the love which is a sign of friendship not marriage.

When Radha got angry

According to this Purana, Goddess Radha resided in Goloka with Lord Krishna. Once when Goddess Radha was not in Goloka, then Shri Krishna was residing with his wife Viraja. When Radha saw her dear husband walking with someone else, she started saying good and bad to Krishna. Seeing Radha angry, Virja left from there as a river.

Krishna's friend Sridama curses

Shridama, the servant and friend of Shri Krishna, got angry on calling Krishna bad and he insulted Goddess Radha. Due to this, Goddess Radha became more angry, she cursed Sridama to take birth in the demon clan. Hearing such harsh words of Sridama, Goddess Radha was cursed to take birth in human form on earth. Due to this curse, Shridama became a demon named Shankhachud. Goddess Radha had to be born as the daughter of Kirti and Vrishabhanu, but she was not born from the womb of Goddess Kirti.

This is how the separation of Shri Krishna-Radha happened

After a few years of taking birth on the earth, the curse of the previous birth started coming into effect. Krishna's Raslilas ended and he had to go to fight with Kansa. Due to which Radha left him forever and she got married to a Vaishya named Rayana. It is said that Radha had returned to Vaikuntha after setting her shadow near Rayana. Radha was cursed Sridama cause queen and disconnection of Lord Krishna

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